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TGC crashing / restarting my PC when about to start playing.

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  • TGC crashing / restarting my PC when about to start playing.

    ProTee United

    Hi All
    looking for some help, i've been playing TGC for over a year with no issue on my PC with Skytrak, however in the last couple of weeks i get this intermittent issue, i load TGC ok, but as soon as i get to the 1st tee my PC crashes and reboots, i've reinstalled TGC, my Nvidia driver, changed power supply, i thought i had it fixed as it didn't crash at all during the week, but just tried to play now and its crashed 3 times in a row. i don't have any crashing issues with other GPU intensive software and TGC non sim version runs fine.

    Any ideas?
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    Tough one. Could be anything.

    - Do you have 2 GPUs' in your computer (on board integrated + GTX)? It might be using the wrong GPU -> force golf.exe to always use NVidia
    - Check if HDD full. Check HDD for errors and run windows memory test
    - Disable virus scanners
    - Set full access on ProTee folder:
    - Set computer energy profile to high performance. Make sure HDD can not be switched off for energy saving
    - If you have a desktop PC, open it and check if GPU fan's are running
    - Install tool to monitor GPU and CPU activity and temperatures
    - Check if processor cooler is still attached correctly (connection fluid could be dried out)
    - Check Windows system files:
    - Reinstall TGC, but when uninstalled remove c:\programdata\protee united folder + left overs


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      Could be a piece of hardware has gone belly up (RAM, HDD, or GPU). Run a Cinebench test and see if it causes the same crash ( This is a benchmark test that'll stress your CPU & GPU but will also push your RAM. I run this after replacing any of the mentioned components to make sure they're not bad.
      Had a stick of RAM gone bad about a month ago, caused the system to crash every time I tried to run something graphic intensive.

      If you're comfortable, you can also run a stress test using CPU-Z (


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        Tommyseb did you figure out your issue?

        I just got Skytrak and I'm running it in a laptop with Windows 10 and 8 gigs of ram and as soon as I want to start playing it crashes the laptop and restarts it.

        The only purpose I got that used laptop was to use it with Skytrak and it only has one single application... Skytrak!!!

        The previous owner used to play World of Warcraft III and it's a gaming laptop, how the heck can not work with Skytrak?

        My wife gave me Optishot as a present and I used the same laptop without an issue, but now with Skytrak... goes to sh*t.

        Help please?


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          Hi, yes I did, it i doubt my issue is that same cause as yours, as im running it on a desktop and it turned out to the be power supply. I switched the PSU with another one from my office pc and it worked fine