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Still seeing protee server type issues

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  • Still seeing protee server type issues

    I continue to experience slowness when connecting, issues even getting to courses in TGC, and slow responses on the web sites (forum and touring). My last round in the Masters event never recorded correctly. I also see many other posts where others are experiencing similar issues. I work in IT and would suspect there are still issues with the protee servers that started several weeks ago when the servers went off line. I want to bring this up again to ensure protee understands this could be an issue affecting hundreds of users.

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    Always glad to hear, it's not just me! Thanks for the post!


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      Yep issues for me on website and with tgc. Thought the website one may have just been my computer but all other websites work fine.


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        Servers never went off line. There was an issue with an authentication process running twice.

        TGC, Forums and Tour Site all run on different servers on different networks. The TGC servers have double hexacore processors installed and a 1Gb unmetered connection. CPU utilization is 0.3% at peak hours, so we have plenty of power for a lot more users.

        The last network reboot was 486 days ago, so we decided to reboot this morning. This normally cleans up a lot of database stuff, so it might connect a little faster now.
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          I Got booted off everything today. Ticket opened with Pro Tee


          • ProTee United
            ProTee United commented
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            I have seen your ticket related to GSX. You need to check communication ports.

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          Pro Tee United..... Thanks for the quick response and help !! Back up and running !!

          What I think happened was, while running my GC2 on battery it ran low on charge causing my Bluetooth connection to be week. I tried debugging the Pro Tee Server and reset to the factory settings, disabling external data. Enabling extrernal data has me back up and running but I still had to toggle back and forth a couple times in GSX to get it to recognize the connection. After connecting I started TGC and all was well..... until my GC2 shut down because of low power (that's when I made the assumption on my Bluetooth connection)

          I'm charging the GC2 now and I hope tonight that all will be well !!

          Sorry to derail the thread !

          My main goal was to say, (IMHO) Pro Tee is always on top of this stuff !!