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How to play with friend online?

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  • How to play with friend online?

    Greetings all, I am exhausted trying to figure out how to play live online with a buddy of mine. It seems I can't even add a friend. Or when I click the button to add a player to my foursome its a dead button and nothing happens. I'm only able to play local multiplayer or online against ghosts. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    You may want to get on the discord channel and chat with the guys live as you try this.... I'm not in front of my computer but will try to remember the steps.

    1)You and your buddy must be friends. Make sure you both add each other as friends.
    2)Decide which course you are going to play and make sure you are both on same exact version of the course.
    3)One of you go to first hole, make sure you have "Turn Order" on.
    4)The other guy to to first hole and select "Add Rival", I think you will see a drop down and hopefully your friends name will be on list. Choose him
    5)Make sure you have Turn Order set to on.

    You both tee off and then you should be set.

    I'm doing this from memory, so if other guys need to correct me, please do so.


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      So did this work? Or is there another way?


      • JJ62
        JJ62 commented
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        I tried forever - this is the ONLY way me and my friend can play online:
        Each of you go to the same course on the first tee.
        Once there - each of you hit 'escape' - select 'group'.
        Each of you add each other as rivals.
        Go back to the first tee and you should each see each other on the scorecard.
        Since no one has honors - you both hit whenever you want - after that the furthest person away from pin will be up.
        They should fix their online play......

      • mthunt
        mthunt commented
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        That's how I do it.

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      That exact thing worked for me last night. I think you have to turn “turn order” on in the settings other wise you get split up as you can hit your shot whenever you’re ready.


      • Wizard of Coz
        Wizard of Coz commented
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        Yes you need turn order on

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      Haven’t tried the animation setting? Does that mean I’d see my playing partner?


      • Wizard of Coz
        Wizard of Coz commented
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        You would see him swing

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      Yes , full animation


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        Played our first round tonight. It worked great. Took us about 3 hrs though.