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UNEEKOR QED with Logitech BRIO Webcam Swing Motion TEST

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  • UNEEKOR QED with Logitech BRIO Webcam Swing Motion TEST

    First run using the Logitech Brio. Sounds like once Uneekor, Inc. EYE XO launches developers will get setting adding so you can go past defaults of cameras. This can do 90fps and should be nice considering not even that bad at 30FPS!

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    Can you tell me how much room you would need for the camera to get your entire swing in the video. I have about 5 feet from my sidewall and want to know if this would work for me.


    • a98cr125
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      This is about 7ft. The new swing optix is made for 5ft to tee so that would fit you nicely. Let me know if you want a quote

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    This camera is about 7ft from the tee.


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      What steps do you need to do to get this camera work with the Ignite software? Does the Ignite software allow you to select 3rd party cameras?
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        The couple of USB cameras I've tried are completely plug & play. The software finds connected USB cams, you select the one you want to use.


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          I use Logitech C922 Pro Stream Web Cam and Ignite picks it up no problems. Its not going to give you the higher fps but very serviceable. I also use GoPro Hero 7 Black with HDMI Capture and it works as a plug and play. Slight lag withe GoPro but higher fps and wider camera angle.


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            I used a Logitech Brio for a couple of days and ended up sending it back for a refund. In the swing video mentioned above there were statements made about enabling 90 fps for the Brio in the Uneekor software. To date that has not happened and the fps defaults to a frame rate I found too slow to be useful. The video was good, there was just too much motion blur. After that experience I knew I wanted something with at least 100 fps and preferably higher. After much research I ran across the Spinel 120 fps cameras mentioned in the camera options thread and I knew I had found what I was looking for - something inexpensive and functional. I recommend taking a look at the videos posted in that thread and compare them to the Brio videos before making any decisions. You can get two Spinel 120fps cameras for about $80 less than one Logitech Brio.


            • Swarm99
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              Thanks. I will likely do the same, but the Spinel cameras appear to be unavailable on Amazon and the company's website. I am not sure if they sold out or what.

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            I like the Spinel camera's price point and 120fps. Wanted to follow up and see if anyone has tried it out. I was planning on putting together a small open source project to make it easier to setup swing recording cameras when I build out my permanent sim setup this summer, and this camera seems like the sweet spot for specs vs. price.

            Would be great to get feedback on what lenses work from what distances as well.


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              There is a detailed thread mostly about the Spinel cameras. Including sample videos from different lenses and distances. IMHO, they are easily the best value for money.

              check it out here. Sample videos start around page 3 (going from memory)



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                Excellent, thank you!