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Deciding on Course to Recreate?

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  • Deciding on Course to Recreate?

    Any ideas for courses that are not currently on TGC, but need to be because they are flipping awesome? Looking for ideas on my next project to work on..

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    The Cliffs at Possum Kingdom, Texas


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      Forest Dunes, Roscommon, MI


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        Bandon Trails! Please!!!! LOL.


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          Played bandon trails many many times would be good course and would love to see how it comes out as Brandon trails on JNPG is very very close to exact


          • Stingreye
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            Not a bad idea, you can use The BLI stick in JNPG to get the elevation correct in TGC. Bet you could make it really nice Eddie👍

          • Fescue Rat
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            Another vote for Trails! Please?

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          I'm doing The National Golf Club of Canada so don't do that one.
          My Courses:
          Weston G&CC by mthunt RCR
          London Hunt Club L mthunt RCR
          Park CC Lidar mthunt RCR
          Sunningdale GC Robinson L RCR
          Sunningdale GC Thompson L RCR
          Twin Peaks Desert Fictional
          Muirfield Village (liDAR) First Ever Lidar course
          Country Club of Castle Pines (liDAR) RCR
          The Sanctuary GC ProTee L RCR
          National GC of Canada RCR
          Mississaugua G&CC mthunt RCR
          Shaughnessy G&CC L mthunt
          mthunt Range Fictional
          The Meadows 5047 mthunt Fictional


          • Moz
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            Awesome! Looking forward to playing it!

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          National golf club - very cool. Had the good fortune to play this course. Will be cool to see it on Tgc.
          would vote for Royal durnoch in Scotland. Played it a few years ago and it is still in my top 5 of courses played


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            Jack Nicklaus Pawleys Plantation, Pawleys island, SC


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              It would be great to see George Wright Golf Course in Boston MA. It’s an excellent Donald Ross designed course. Has every shot and is a total blast to play in real life. Consistently ranked one of the best Municipal courses in the country.


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                how about covered bridge in southern Indiana. It is a fuzzy zoeller course and my home course. It is also on E6. There is an edition of it already on TGC but it sucks.

                Rated 4/5 stars by Golf Digest. It is considered by many to be Fuzzy’s most engaging and beautiful course design.
                • This world-class track features five lakes, a meandering creek, and clever bunker placement.
                • Zoysia grass is used on the fairways, meaning that golf carts can be driven nearly anywhere on the course.



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                  I've been thinking about recreating TPC Scottsdale. I haven't seen a good one out there. I haven't looked in a few months though.


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                    Pete dye course at French lick is on my bucket list to play.


                    • penrose
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                      I played there and while a nice place for sure I have played better courses for less. It is 350 plus fore caddie so about 450 a round. I find Pete dye's course at the fort a better design and only 85 bucks a round.

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                    Old Corkscrew in Florida, a Nicklaus design.


                    If you can get the greens figured out this could be a cool one.


                    • penrose
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                      that course does look nice

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                    For those of you who do create courses, any tips for noobies? I've watched some youtube vids but there aren't many good ones (unless I missed some -- if you know of others let me know). Most of the vids seem like the ppl are using xBox controller (I'm on PC) and they are building from scratch. Did see any on replicating an existing course. I want to create a local course I play and I spent about 2 hours on the first hole and it wasn't even close. Got frustrated and deleted it. I'm willing to put time in to create a cool course, just don' want to struggle so much with the software.


                    • Tytow
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                      Thanks. That does help. Lots of food for thought!

                    • rsuslow
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                      Another tip, Use as big of plots you can when laying fairways and greens, ect. I recreated Erin Hills and used the trace method, in which I laid tiny dots for my fairway. Turns out, it uses up your allowed items. Watch that bar, it becomes more difficult to upload a course when it gets past half way.

                    • rsuslow
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                      Oh, also, I do mine on Steam, on the same computer I have my TGC Simulator software. Once I finish a course. I save it, move to my simulator software and publish it from there. Much quicker. If you do it through PS4 or XBOX, you have to wait for the next course sync to play the course on the simulator.

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                    Cabot Cliffs - Nova Scotia
                    Princeville - Kauai
                    Cypress Point / Monterrey CA (I don't think this one is out least not at distance <7000 yards)

                    Golf digest has a good list of 20 awesome looking courses....I think numerous of these aren't out on protee at under 7000 yards