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Dream Simulator Room (within reason)

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  • Dream Simulator Room (within reason)

    Ok, i'm converting my 15.5'D x 11.5'W x 11'H Media room to golf simulator. I'm really wanting a great performing (and looking) system. I called someone that sells and installs custom simulator systems, and he was really negative about my room dimensions. However, i then talked to the guys at foresight and a builder he recommended, and they were both adamant that I had plenty of space. So, first question: do i have enough space?

    Second question - simulators. Based on everything I'm reading here, it seems GC2 + HMT is gold standard. It's a lot of $$, but I plan to spend a lot of time in this room (using the TGC) and don't plan on taking the simulator on the range. Based on what I've read, I don't plan on using (or buying) FSX software, however, the foresight sales person says that FSX software is really good and is free with the GCQuad. So, I just want to know... should i get GCQuad with FSX? Is FSX software equivalent to TGC? Is having ability to take GCQuad to range that important?

    Lastly, if any of you have strong opinions as to the type of screen/projector to use to give me the absolute best experience, i would sure appreciate it.

    Sorry for all of the questions. This forum has been a godsend in terms of helping me to narrow my decisions.

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    It is my understanding GCQ will currently not work with TGC.


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      You have enough space, but definitely not plenty. You will be hitting off center and relatively close to the screen. You do have plenty of height. If you are planning on using TGC as your software of choice, I would look at Protee and GC2. If you want club data then you would need to add the HMT to the GC2 or get the Quad. You can't play TGC with the Quad, though. FSX and TGC are not equivalent. FSX is better for working on game improvement while TGC is more for fun. There is a lot more to that comparison that you can find on the forum, but that's a short answer. The direct from the mill screens from dbgolf are great quality and inexpensive. For projectors, I would look at the Optoma GT1080Darbee and the BenQ ST2150. I think BenQ just came out with a new projector, but I am not sure of the model and haven't heard any feedback on it yet.


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        If you aren't planning to go to the range, I don't think it is worth going with the quad. The main advantages it has over the gc2 and hmt are portability and the alignment feature, but it you are leaving it in your media room you just align it once and don't need to move it.

        That room will be big enough if you are ok with hitting towards the 11.5 foot wall with an offset. I think it might be tight trying to hit towards the 15.5 foot wall but that's more personal preference and comfort with swinging that close to the screen.

        for the screen, search for the direct from the mill thread and try to get in on the next run. That is as good of a screen as you will find and much less expensive than similar ones. The things that are going to really set the room apart are putting turf down (people have had good luck getting synlawn remnants), framing the screen with nice drapes, and getting a good hitting mat (see divot action, fiberbuilt, truestrike).


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          I've had the GC2 (no HMT) for about a year and a half, and I love it. I personally don't think the HMT is worth the money, your ball flight should give you enough information about what your club face was doing at impact. And I have no desire to mess with stickers. You can always add the HMT later if you feel you really need it. I think you can improve your swing much more with cameras than with an HMT.

          As for software, I have TGC, FSX, and JNPG. FSX is crappy other than the range, and is currently the only thing you can use with the Quad (I believe). JNPG is ok, but for just having fun and for great graphics, TGC is far and away the best in my opinion.

          As for you room, I agree with everything Kent and Andy said above. Tight fit, but you can do it.

          For room design ideas, go to and search for golf. Tons of awesome ideas there to go along with the awesome advice you'll find in these forums.


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            This forum is so great. Thanks for all of the responses. If I don't get FSX (or the Quad), does TGC have any decent practice tools? I don't need anything elaborate. I simply want the ability to hit range balls like I do at PGA Superstore.

            With respect to the HMT, I don't really tinker with my golf swing much, but I spend a great deal of time on my putting stroke and was thinking the HMT would help me to hone my stroke by measure putter face. Would it give accurate putter rotation and dynamic loft measurements?

            Thanks again all.


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              TGC has outstanding ranges to hone your skills. Search Range in the course selection


              • Scottnorm
                Scottnorm commented
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                Excellent. Will Do. Thank you.

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              At the risk of abusing this forum, I just received a quote from an installer and would sure appreciate feedback regarding the selections and pricing (this pricing does not include installation). Thank you again, all.


              • andygg1986
                andygg1986 commented
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                I'm sure that you would end up with a nice looking room with that setup. You are definitely paying a premium to have everything picked for you though and getting it all at once instead of piecing it together yourself. There is tons of info on the forum about all aspects of simulators, but my two cents on each one going down the list:
                -Computer could be had for $7-800. There is lots of discussion on here. Needs at least a 1060 graphics card
                -Projector price is good depending on what model you are getting. Benq2150st and Optoma GT1080 are highly regarded on this forum.
                -Projector mounts are around $25 on amazon
                -You can get a 10' screen from the direct from the mill thread for about $250
                -Here is a much cheaper trim option that wbond did that I think looks nice: Other guys have used carpet tiles I think3
                -Several guys use these for side curtains
                -The direct from the mill screen doesn't need a mesh backstop
                -Overhead netting doesn't need to be super high impact level. It is just going to catch flop shots, and your room is small enough that you might not even be able to hit it over your screen. You can get sports netting on ebay for around $50
                -Lots of guys mount their screens with angle iron from home depot, ball bungees, and tarp clips
                -The CCE mat gives lots of people wrist/elbow problems after a while. People like divot action, fiberbuilt, and truestrike. There are DIY options for divot action and truestrike on this forum
                -Synlawn sells turf remnants sometimes for much cheaper if you have a dealer nearby. If the room is already carpeted, you may be able to use the carpet underlay or just put the turf on top of the carpet
                -It sounds like you are getting a second fiberbuilt mat for rough and sand panels. If you have a GC2, those don't work that well because you have to slide the GC2 around to hit off of different surfaces.

                For tweaking your putting stroke, I just bought a TOMI Pro putting system on ebay. It is like a poor man's Sam Puttlab, but pretty cool and gives you lots of info.

              • Sascha1818
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                What Sim hardware are you using ? GC2 ?

              • Scottnorm
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                Yes, GC2 will be used.

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              Andygg1986, that is simply incredible feedback! I'm going to look into each one of those things. I'm actually pretty handy, so I would think i could handle this. I'm going to review each one of your recommendations very carefully. thank you so much again!!


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                Would also suggest thinking twice about CCE. I have one, and they do beat you up after a while. Bought the stuff for a DIY gel mat, just haven't done it yet.


                • Boerdoc
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                  +1. I got a divot action mat and I am happy with that.

                • Scottnorm
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                  Thanks. This was a concern because I already have tendinitis. Plan to look into divot action and others.