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Flightscope Xi+ or GC2

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  • Flightscope Xi+ or GC2

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find it. Newbie. I have been reading many of the threads here and it seems that a lot of people are discussing the benefits/differences between the GC2 and TM. It seems to me the Flightscope is priced a lot closer to the GC2 than the TM.

    I have to imagine many of you have cross shopped these two LM's and I was wondering what your thoughts are. I have the room for a Flightscope, so that is not an issue. Is there a compelling reason to go with the GC2 over the Xi+? The GC2 seems to be the go to device among many here so I thought I would ask. I know you can't putt with the Flightscope, but that really doesn't interest me that much.


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    GC2 requires less space and allows putting. Lots of guys on here don't have enough room for TM or Flightscope which rules them out for us. Since this forum is about golf simulation, putting tends to be more important than it might be in your case. GC2 is compatible with TGC, JNPG, E6, FR1, FSX, and CG3D for simultion, which is pretty much all of the big software options. I'm not sure which ones flightscope is compatible with, but I think it is more limited in options. I will say that I would consider the simulation options even if right now you are just thinking you want an indoor driving range because it gets boring hitting shots on a range and playing rounds and tournaments online is a lot of fun.

    Flightscope needs a metallic sticker to be placed on the ball to get good spin numbers inside (at least it used to), and is better suited for left/right handed play. The XI+ also gives you club head speed which in my opinion isn't that helpful. If you go to the Xi Tour to get all of the club numbers then that is a big selling point over the GC2.


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      if it's primarily just for you and you really don't have many lefty friends you'll be inviting over, I'd go GC2. For indoors, hard to beat in terms of accuracy. Also, I don't believe the xi+ includes path/face data. If it did, that would be awesome. Like Andy said, the XiTour however is a different story...


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        I think if you want path/face data with FS, its a $2500 uncharge (on sale). For only $10k more, you get it all. Yikes!! Don't think that one would make it past the appropriations committee (aka the wife). No lefties in my family and I can't think of, so not a huge issue.

        I most certainly want to add simulation down the road, but I think the putting is goofy and would most likely set it up for auto two putt or something. I suppose if you are playing others online, you would need to figure out the putting. For me, this is going to be a practice tool along with having the guys out to the lake for a few pops. No lefties in that group either.

        I'm laughing because I went in thinking exclusively Skytrak to keep the cost down. Now I'm looking at FS and the GC2. I need to stop looking very soon!!! Thanks for the replies guys. Feel free to share any other ideas/suggestions. I want to do this right without breaking the bank.


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          I would suggest that you not write off putting in sim's. Most who use the GC2 and ProTee are satisfied with the experience.

          In your situation, choosing the GC2 is the best choice with the most options down the road.

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        I could be wrong but the xi will not work for sim play. I think you need to model above that. I am biased to a gc2. Love it and can’t imagine needing anything else.


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          To get club data, the upgrade from Xi+ to Xi Tour is $3000. The Xi Tour was on sale for "only" $7.5k (normally $9k) but I think that was only to the end of January. Sure, you can add HMT to gc2 but that's $5k for a CPO from foresight and open market used ones are pretty rare (and usually just as much as the CPO direct).

          So least expensive way to get good club data is probably a used X2. They tend to go for the same price as used gc2's.

          Of course, the putting is still an issue but I've been told that E6 actually might support combining TruTrack with Flightscope for putting and chipping.


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            I use both and have used both at the same time. Below is a Youtube link. I find that the GC2 is more accurate on spin and indoors. You can also fully sim with a gc2 including a 2 foot putt or chip. It sucks when your left handed buddy comes over. The FS is hands down better outside. You also need stickers on your clubs on an HMT and a sticker on the ball inside in FS.

            It it all depends what your needs are.



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              The only other thing I will add is that you say you have enough space, Is this enough for FS’s new small room feature, as I would tend to think accuracy could be pretty low in this type of room and would suggest ensuring you meet the other minimum requirements.


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                Gobs of room. This is going into a building that is approx 36'x110'


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                  I would go with the best radar that you can get for the $ with that amount of room. I am biased, but it nice to see that certain testing recently has shown that radar indoors (at least where TM is concerned) is pretty accurate.


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                    I've been using the Flighscope Xi Tour set up with short indoor mode now for over a month now. It's in a dedicated room and have been very happy with the results. I had my brother(5 handicap), my buddy 1 handicap) over last night, I'm a + and everything was pretty much spot on. We played a 3 man skin game match at Pinehurst. Then when my buddy left, my brother and I played a fourball round and everything was dead on according to them. I like getting that feedback from other players. My room is 20.5L, 13.6W. You do have to use the silver sticker that faces towards the target, but the flightscope is pretty forgiving as to where you set the ball, which is nice. It also reads without the silver sticker but won't be as accurate. I decided on the Flightscope because I will also be using it outdoors during the season(I'm in Wisconsin). I'm using E6 software, the one thing I'm disappointed about is I can't get the St. Andrews/Open course package options with E6.
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