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Translating Simulator Play to Outdoor game

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  • Translating Simulator Play to Outdoor game

    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking for some tips and suggestions for how to translate my indoor simulator time into a better spring in 2020. I've had the indoor simulator for 5 years now and I've yet to figure out how to start the real golf season in mid season form. Historically I've banged a bunch of balls during the winter, moving from one swing thought to another, which admittedly isn't a great idea. I'm wondering about almost exclusively playing rounds this year instead and if that would be better.

    So my question is has anyone in a Northern climate started real golf in mid season form from their simulator time and if so how did they do it??

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    So I cant answer as someone who has done this successfully, but here is my plan for this year to achieve the same as you:

    1. Identify the changes I want to make (given to me by my pro) in my swing at the beginning of simulator season and dont change these, even if they result in worse shots at the start
    2. Spend equal time in training mode and playing mode
    3. Training mode I am using the range app and focusing only on mechanics and improvement. for example I want to improve my control of strike so i might focus for 30 minutes only using the skytrak range and foot spray and try to build up the skill to purposely hit out of the toe, heel and center.
    4. Playing mode I play rounds (probably in society) where I dont rewind and dont think about mechanics. I visualize the shot and hit it, then judge the result and move on. Basically trying to replicate a real golf game as much as possible.

    A fifth option I am exploring is using TGC to "play" different types of training rounds. For example a best ball with myself or a worst ball with myself. Or playing as two players and playing conservative with one ball and risky with the other etc. This should have a positive knock on effect on my course management and also just be interesting and fun.

    I plan to baseline my level at the very start with the Skytrak Skills Assessment and a single round at a chosen Lidar course. This way I can track my progress throughout and then judge my success before golf season starts back up.


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      I've improved my game quite a bit. From 5 hcp to 1.6. The biggest issue I've had when the season starts is adjusting to the grass/rough/sand. That and the green around here when the season opens are slow as shit and super hard. So, the scores aren't that great early on but I'm typically hitting the ball well. I will typically shoot the same scores as I do in FSX and that's with lie penalties on and 3 ft gimmies.

      I mostly play rounds but I will do practice sessions to work on particular shots or short game shots. I don't hit a lot of balls on the range unless I'm working on something specific. The key is your routine. Do the exact same thing you do outside. Try to make the indoor experience as "real" as you can. Get your mind into it. Focus and imagine you are at the course you are playing. If you do that you'll be amazed when you take your game outside.


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        This is a great question. What I have found is that I tend to be a range rat. I like to fire up the simulator and bang out balls. But, there is a danger in doing this. There is a huge difference in hitting 50 7 irons and playing a round of golf. Let's be honest, when playing a round in real life, you have to be ready to pull out a 7 and hit it well the first and only time you are going to swing that club. There are no redo's.

        Therefore, I think it's find to bang out balls on the range, but, to get really ready for your real golf season, you have to be "game ready". I think it's more important to play rounds on the simulator, preferably in tournament or online so as to try and recreate the pressure moments and train your mind to execute a good swing without hitting 3 or 4 warm up balls.

        I played in an online tournament the other day that was Alt. Shot, that format adds a level of pressure that you feel......great practice.


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          JackedUpSwing commented
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          I think there is value in both. Hitting 50 7 irons generally takes a lot less time then playing 50 full shots in game. And there is some very valuable in just hitting a ton of balls(developing better hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, working on ingraining a swing change, etc.).

          And there is value of the random practice and hitting shots under pressure that playing rounds on the sim provide.

          Both have their benefits.