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Looking for recommendations - need a simulator that will work in my house

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  • Looking for recommendations - need a simulator that will work in my house

    I am building a house with a 13 1/2 x 12 foot room with 12 foot ceilings and was wondering if I could put a golf simulator in it and any recommendations as to what system might work. Thank you

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    Yep you sure can. Just no unit that goes behind the ball. SkyTrak, CG2, Uneeklr, etc are all fair game.


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      Thank you.
      Do you have any recommendations. I'm starting from scratch.
      Need all the help I can get.
      My budget is in the 8-10K range


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        $8k-10k for just the launch monitor or everything (impact screen, hitting mat, projector, computer, sim software)?


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          tight budget 10k everything


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            Should be no issue to stay within that budget and get a very nice setup. The space is tight though.
            Originally posted by nglassman View Post
            tight budget 10k everything


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              10k is plenty to have a nice setup. Some very basic cost breakdowns of the most fundamental parts =

              -- High-powered computer = $1,000 - $1,500
              -- Good projector = $500 - $1,000
              -- Good mat = $250 - $500
              -- Impact screen = $250 - $600
              -- Software = $1,000 (for TGC lifetime)
              --Enclosure = $200 - $500

              That puts you somewhere between 3-5k with the only major purchase left being the launch monitor. Skytrak and Mevo+ are each $2,000. But you would have some room to upgrade and still stay within your budget.

              As a side note, 13.5 feet in length is pretty short so make sure you make the most of every inch in that space.