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Need help in designing room

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  • Need help in designing room

    So I was lucky enough to both receive a nice bonus at work and get wifes 's permission to have a 13' by 39' room remade into a golf "haven". I currently have a foresight gc2 with Net return net and TrueStrike mat in my garage and the kids and I love it. We bought it 3 months ago but do not have the new software. My boys and myself all take lessons at Golfsmith and really love the GC2s that they have there - reason I bought one - - the problem is that I am righthanded and my boys are both lefthanded. We use it a lot but it is usually on an individual basis because it stinks to have to move the foresight back and forth. I have been working with joe at ace indoor sports and he has a proposal that I like but I want some confirmation from you 'experts" before buying. I think I am going to go with buying a Foresight GC Kiosk in addition to my GC2. I don't think we have the width to make one GC2 work. I'm ok with that - they have designed a nice net with projector and screen - I'm trusting that he is making the right choices as I am a little uneducated in this regard. half the room will be the hitting area and the other half will be a putting green. Room is full of windows. I am confident he has my best interests in mind but am wondering if I should .......

    1 buy the GC-T instead of the kiosk and then also have a computer with touchscreen (mounted against a window which will look bad but save a little money)
    2 stick with the old software or pay $1800 for the new software and additonal for courses (seems like a high upgrade price for a guy that just bought the software and championship course upgrade)
    3 buy their $2000 projector or upgrade to their 4K projector ($10000) or buy that JVC 4K for 4,000 (I know its not true 4K but it is sweet and I know/think I will need the new software for 4K)

    I had questions how 2 GC's would work simultaneously but have been assured by both sales guy and Foresight support that it will be fine. So a righty and lefty can play a round with no issues. I'm also afraid to make such a big purchase with so many questions. The sales guys are awesome but i really don't have a vision of what it will eventually look like - they showed me some pictures on their phone but nothing really close to what I'm asking for. I assume because this is such a niche thing that is how it works but I want to do my diligence.

    also seeking input on indoor putting green. Have been given no info yet (scary) and I want the best.

    I'd like to say money is no object but I really need this to come in for less than 50K. Quote is 20 and change so far. I don't mind spending more for this as I really want this to be nice. Need help. Thanks Pat

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    13 feet of width is on the narrow side but if you are going to be switching the LM position from side to side it is doable. I have a ProTee in a 13 foot wide room but my hitting position is offset over the rooms center line to allow for backswing. (Just re-read your post about getting 2 GC's - lot's of bucks!)

    Seems like finances aren't an issue but if you are projecting onto a 13 foot wide screen, a 4K image is not necessary and would not be cost effective. An HD quality projector will be more than adequate but definitely get a "short-throw" model to avoid creating the golfer's shadow on your projected image.

    Save your money for a decent putting surface for your green. Use an HD projector and isn't one GC enough?

    There are truly more affordable options down the road, at least it seems that there should be. GC pricing is at the premium end of things.

    Have fun!


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      i would buy a seperate computer and touchscreen. This will allow easier upgrades and repairs. Go with TGC instead of the Foresight software.

      With the depth of the room maybe checkout Flightscope or a unit for all, awesome data available from those systems


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        What you want is this. This kids use the T, you, who paid, use the main unit. The kiosk is meant for a driving range. Totally unnecessary. TGC is awesome but it's Bluetooth. I'm pretty sure you can't Bluetooth two units but I'm not sure. You don't need a touch screen. Just use a remote keyboard. 13 feet is enough.
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          As for your putting green, find the Feherty episode with Webb or zach where he shows him the indoor green made of toyota Camry trunk liner. It looked cool.

          The fastest nylon green works. That's what I have. It comes in 12 or 15. Get the 12 foot wide. It'll fit great. You can finish it with fringe or something.


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            Had anyone ever tried the putting carpet from Camry Golf Greens. I am looking for a black turf and this could kill two birdies with one stone if it is as good as they say .