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DIY Real Feel Golf Mat for only $271.50

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  • DIY Real Feel Golf Mat for only $271.50

    I wanted to share the latest golf sim project I just finished. I wanted to make my golf mat feel a little softer and more like hitting down in the ground creating a divot. So you could spend $750 for a TrueStrike golf mat with a gel insert or you could do what I did for 1/3 the cost...and actually I think it's better.


    I bought a 18 in x 16 in Ultra Gel Pad from Cost $72.50

    I flipped my turf over and cut out a section of the foam bottom and placed the gel pad below the turf. I didn't glue it or anything. This gel pad is 5/8 in thick and that was exactly the thickness of the foam padding below my turf. So it fit perfect.

    This feels so much better now. You can hit down and compress the ball and it feels like actually making a divot. Doesn't have any hard feel like before. I definitely recommend others doing something similar. You won't regret it. I also like this method because you don't have any insert and everything looks clean on top with no cut outs or mismatching turf colors.

    The biggest tip is to use a oscillating multi-functional power tool (see what I mean in picture). This was the easiest way to cut out the foam. It only took about 30 minutes to cut it out.

    If anyone else does this post back your results and how you like it! But definitely recommend others trying this!!!

    See attached pictures!

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    That's awesome! Definitely gonna have to try this. Does the gel just settle back to normal after you hit it or does it start to bunch up, displace and kind of "mold" to the club impact movement over time (guess for 72 bucks would be too hard to replace if it works well over at least a decent amount of time? Youll have to keep us updated as well as you begin to use it a ton. Very nice work!


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      Ironstrokes No, it doesn't bunch up. The gel is super soft and it doesn't dent or leave any impression after hitting down on the turf. This gel is the real deal! It's soft but durable and if you press down it comes back to original shape. It's freaking awesome! I've been looking for a solution for awhile and finally came across this gel to purchase.


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        Originally posted by Mike80 View Post
        Ironstrokes No, it doesn't bunch up. The gel is super soft and it doesn't dent or leave any impression after hitting down on the turf. This gel is the real deal! It's soft but durable and if you press down it comes back to original shape. It's freaking awesome! I've been looking for a solution for awhile and finally came across this gel to purchase.

        Nice, sounds perfect to me. Its amazing they sell the same thing basically for 700+ bucks, nice mark up by them haha. Im gonna be all over this. Like the feel of my monster mat now and wish i could implement this into that mat, but I feel like the grass on it may be a little too thick for this to work and i would have to hit REALLY down on the ball to get through the grass and feel the gel underneath I believe, but not sure, I may try in anyway on one of the side of it and see.


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          Can you still insert a real tee with the gel insert underneath?


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            Mike80 did you hit any of the grass fibers when you were cutting the bottomside? Wonderinging how far down they go into the base


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              You can insert a real tee into your turf if it's thick enough, but you wouldn't want to penetrate the thin layer the turf is glued to. I use those soft plastic tees that sit on top the turf.

              wbond No I didn't hit any turf when cutting. The turf is glued to a thin layer of some plastic soft material. So use that oscillating tool which vibrates and you can push down and it will cut all the foam but not penetrate the thin plastic layer. That's probably the safest tool to use.

              If you have the super thick monster tee turf it may not give you the full effect using gel. Recommend using a 1/2 inch thick turf over the gel.


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                Hey Mike80 how is this mat holding up for you? I might copy if you still like it.


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                  I am also curious how this is holding up. From what I can tell, the top on that driving range mat is the same material as some of their putting greens, which should help with short putts jumping sideways on my CCE strip. The 18 x 16 inch piece of gel is on sale right now for $59. I wish they had a piece that was half that size for $30. I would think 9 x 16 in would give you plenty of room to hit irons off of. All of their smaller pieces are not rectangular since they are designed for motorcycle seats. All Turf Mats has an 11 in x 4 ft strip of the mat that Mike80 referenced for only $30. I was thinking of replacing my CCE strip with that which should give the ball plenty of room to roll while GC2 is measuring it. But then the 4 x 5 ft mat is only $160, so it might be worth just getting that to not mess with rebuilding my hitting platform. If I got the full mat, I could still add the 4 ft strip to the front and cut a cup in it for a nice putting setup too. And the 1 x 2 ft piece would make a nice platform for the GC2 to sit on...


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                    Yeah it's holding up well. Glad I made the change. Feels so much better. My method is better for putting also because you don't have a cut out strip which will effect your ball rolling over the transition of turfs. All one solid piece of turf. Ball rolls perfect and the gel makes a huge difference in feel. Can't believe more people didn't jump on this idea because it's the best cost and solution I've seen. Yeah definitely do it!


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                      How's the under-foot firmness? Less squishy than monster turf or CCE, I assume? Where you stand, I mean... not where you hit.


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                        Yeah firmness when standing is perfect. That's why I got rid of my monster turf. Was too squishy standing on it. The gel modification is awesome! Can't beat the price of that mat and great quality.


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                          Would you also recommend with a CCE hitting strip?

                          I am planning to build a hitting platform and insert the CCE.... ( which I had thought was the real deal) but if the Gel beneath also provides the feel of taking a divot after strike, then would definitely consider...,

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                            Hi Mike,

                            Quick question ... I'm unfortunatly one of those people who went to spend 280£ on a truestrike mat ... With gel inside

                            Now upon getting the mat I was surprised of the hard feel , so surprised that I thought there wasn't any gel installed !!!!so I opened the mat and did indeed found a gel compartment

                            NOW , it's way way to hard and doesn't really makes divots as they say
                            So I came to the idea to replace it with ice gel packs
                            Which are much more soft , only downfall is that they small packs and so I need to use 4-6 packs to fill up the compartment , which results in not uniform shape

                            YOUR gel link isn't working so I meant to ask you

                            Is it a gel or a foam??? Memory foam ??? Because I can't really find anything which looks like a gel mat
                            So I could make it more conform instead of individual packs

                            Waiting for your reply


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                            I just ordered the 4x5 mat and gel. Will let you guys know how it turns out!