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DIY Real Feel Golf Mat for only $271.50

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  • DIY Real Feel Golf Mat for only $271.50

    I wanted to share the latest golf sim project I just finished. I wanted to make my golf mat feel a little softer and more like hitting down in the ground creating a divot. So you could spend $750 for a TrueStrike golf mat with a gel insert or you could do what I did for 1/3 the cost...and actually I think it's better.


    I bought a 18 in x 16 in Ultra Gel Pad from Cost $72.50

    I flipped my turf over and cut out a section of the foam bottom and placed the gel pad below the turf. I didn't glue it or anything. This gel pad is 5/8 in thick and that was exactly the thickness of the foam padding below my turf. So it fit perfect.

    This feels so much better now. You can hit down and compress the ball and it feels like actually making a divot. Doesn't have any hard feel like before. I definitely recommend others doing something similar. You won't regret it. I also like this method because you don't have any insert and everything looks clean on top with no cut outs or mismatching turf colors.

    The biggest tip is to use a oscillating multi-functional power tool (see what I mean in picture). This was the easiest way to cut out the foam. It only took about 30 minutes to cut it out.

    If anyone else does this post back your results and how you like it! But definitely recommend others trying this!!!

    See attached pictures!

  • Wow I just ran across this thread and immediately bought a gel insert that I'll hopefully be installing early next week. I get severely penalized for any shot that isn't perfect and this sounds like it should both help with that and give my body an easier impact. Thanks for the tips


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      What hitting mat are you currently using?

    • JacobM21
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      Jwheels9876 I bought a mat from a website called rawhide golf ball co. They claim to have high grade mats from commercial driving ranges that are used for a year only. Thought it was a cool idea to give them a shot since they were a fraction of the cost. I've liked the mat, but i definitely do feel the impact on the body on mishits.

  • fraserjr It depends if your 1/2” turf has at least a 1/2” padding for the bottom. If it does you can cut out the padding using the oscillating tool. Then have gel on concrete below the turf. If you don’t have turf with a 1/2” padding then you could lay those 2’ x 2’ interlocking padded tiles down below the turf. Then cut out a place in padding to place the gel. If gel isn’t tight enough pushing against turf you could then put those really thin 1/8th boards below gel pushing it up tighter. I never tried this but possibly you could put down strips of two sided carpet tape on gel to stick turf down to it. Not sure if it will stick to the gel but that tape is very sticky.
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    • I worked on my mat last night and I think my turf is too thick to feel a difference. I'm thinking of cutting out a section of the mat and adding a small piece of thinner turf. My turf is 1 inch thick and would gladly take some suggestions on some small pieces of turf that you guys have seen work well. Did you guys have a plastic in between the foam and the grass?


      • Im looking for a 1/2 inch gel insert, if someone can point me in the right direction? Thanks


        • Golfer1204, check this out: