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Can I save a Foot ?

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    Is your hitting area going to be central now you have gone with the extra foot? If you are still needing to hit more towards the right wall the projector mounting above your head may become an issue. There is no lens shift or horizontal keystone on the Optoma 1080 so it needs to be mounted bang in the middle of where you want to project the image. If you are offset towards the right wall it may come into play on your back swing.


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      Thanks simmb ...i will have to consider that too. I Was so focused on distance calcs & my own restricted hitting space that I forgot to consider side to side offset wrt hitting the projector itself. Doh!

      sorry if the Optoma turns out to be a poor reccomendation baldieUK


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        I went a foot wider in the end (need a facing camera) so also able to come central with the hitting area.

        I just had a look of where I could mount the Short Throw .... and possible to put it central at around 2m from the screen at the top @ approx 275cm high off the floor.
        Then I may move the hitting area a foot and half back to around 11ft (335cm) and avoid hitting it with the swing.

        Picture is below where I could hang the projector just on and below the biggest wooden beam closest to the camera.

        Area of screeen would be 300cm wide and approx 230cm high - taking in account of the overhead protective netting coming out just short of 2m from the screen.

        So a projector option based on that size screen and projecter 200cm away from Top of screen and 275cm off the ground

        Would the Optoma GT1080Darbee work for this ?
        and does it do 4:3 in HD ?


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          The Optoma is a great projector, I think most short throw models will have the same issue with placement, is floor mounting a posibility? My old projector had horizontal lens shift and that allowed a bit of flexibility as I could mount it in the top corner of the room. You got a bit of player shadow but not as much as you would if it was mounted directly behind you.
          Not sure how easy it is to find a projector nowadays with lens shift, horizontal keystone maybe an option but it will have an effect on the quality of the image.

          You may be fine with your planned setup, stick a shoe box or something on the ceiling and swing away see how close you get, then get all your buddies to the same. Don't let anyone on your simulator that does not pass the shoe box test


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            I do have either option of behind above me and above in front .... so Good oprions really. And not cast a shadow

            I just can not fathom a 4:3 HD projecter which could be best



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              No Lefties or anyone above 6ft 2inch allowed in da house


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                Job stopped on this build for the past few days

                Projector nightmares giving me sleepless nights .....

                Me can not just work out what is best.
                Not many options on 400cm away from screen using 4:3 ratio and decent HD (probably I am working it out wrong)

                I have spent many days reading on here and using so many links .... off which got me more confused.

                So more guess work and now going off similar builds on here.

                I think Moving the projector closer and going for a Short Throw .... then the Optoma GT1080 Darbee is hoping to be weapon of choice ...but mainly advertised as a 16:9 unit ...
                but seems like some on here are using it as a 4:3 ?

                Would this work for me if i put closer and using a 10ft (304cm) wide by 7.5ft (230cm) high screen and 6.5ft (200cm) away in front of hitting area above and mounted just under 9ft (270cm) high.
                I have done the dangle shoe box test and will not hit it with full driver swing, And also centre of ball hitting and screen.

                I am 95% sure this would work ..But a lot of $$$ if it does not.... is it too far away?

                Anyone please - Do you see if I will have a problem.
                Anyone have same set up on 4:3 with similar dimensions ??


                • wbond
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                  Yes it can be used as 4:3. I am doing it now. Keep in mind it has a large vertical image offset. So if you are mounting 9' high, the top of the image may start pretty low

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                Thanks wbond ... just how low. Or if I need to lower it slighlty.


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                  Or maybe if I revert back to the 400cm > 430cm back from Screen and use the HD39Darbee - I think it may do 4:3 also and has Zoom and more flexabilty .... mmm

                  Oh my head hurts and need to lie down ..... Everything has gone smoothly as I wanted until now


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                    Have you checked out the BenQ HT2150ST? That's what I have and use it in 4:3 mounted from the ceiling and it has a 1" vertical offset. Love it. Here's a link:


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                      I may have look into that one FirGir.

                      I thought the Optoma GT1080 Darbee would be OK ... but it maybe too far away at near 200cm to work
                      the Optoma HD39Darbee needs to further away than 400cm > 430cm

                      Both i think can do the 4:3

                      I have spent more time scatching my head looking in silence than actual building the damm thing


                      • FirGir
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                        Lots of moving parts with these things but you sure don't want to screw up the projector choice. Punch all your variables into that calculator link and I think the BenQ will do the trick. Looks like it's gonna cost you an extra $150 tho.
                        Last edited by FirGir; 04-11-2018, 06:44 PM.

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                        The Sim build is nearly there …. Room built…Electrics on…. Door hung and lock fitted.

                        Just the rest of the painting and then carpet in a week or 2.

                        SkyTrack out of the box
                        JNPG bought (but cannot get it working and find my Skytrack) see another thread soon in SkyTrack

                        Then setting up the 2 cameras (OV2710) will be the next nightmare

                        Slowly slowly its getting there …..


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                            Floors gone down and getting there finally. Will try and take finnished piccies tonight.

                            Last thing will be the 2 camera slow motion auto playback to work