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How to insulate a concrete floor? Do i have to build a platform?

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  • How to insulate a concrete floor? Do i have to build a platform?

    Hi All,

    I'm part way through my garage build and i've a cold concrete floor. I'm in the process of insulating the rest of the room but i was just wondering how to best insulate the floor.

    I'm struggling a bit for height so don't really want to build up the floor on a platform as some have done.

    Is there a damp proof product i can lay directly onto the floor and then put carpet underlay and carpet ontop of?

    Sorry if it seems a silly question, i'm quite new to the DIY aspect of this all!

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    Not a silly question at all! I believe you're looking for vapor barrier. If I remember correctly from when I was researching, there are some types that prevent moisture from coming through, and others that also have sound-deadening properties, which might be helpful if you're doing a laminate or vinyl floor over the barrier. I'm pretty sure in my room we just did the barrier underneath the laminate part, and then installed the carpet right on top of the concrete. There's a lot to think about when doing it yourself - good luck!


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      I did my build in our basement on concrete. I used a mold resistant vapor barrier that I picked up from The Home Depot. I use it under the art turf between the hitting mats and the screen. Our mats are on a sheet of plywood. we also used the vapor barrier under the plywood. Haven't had a problem yet.

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        I would suggest using this product. I locks together and had a plastic bottom to it almost like an eg crate that lifts it off he concrete. Goes together very easily and the seperation from the concrete and wood surface will keep it warmer. It also allows some airflow underneath if there is any moisture wicking

        Unless you are wanting to actually insulate the floor to for energy efficency then you could try this one:


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          these are what i used on my concrete floor...when i moved it was easy to take apart and use at new house...i added a layer of the interlocking foam pads to raise to level of my hitting mat once id added the turf on top...nice for putting to keep even level.

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        Best insulator for concrete is a material that will give you a thermal break. Home Depot has DriCore insulated subfloor panels meant for the purpose you want. You can put carpet directly on top of these panels.


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          What if you have radiant heated concrete? What would you recommend?


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            For radiant heated concrete I wouldn't use a thermal break material. It would defeat purpose of radiant heat. I would think you could apply carpet/turf directly to the concrete. Rubber padding underneath like that used in exercise facilities would help absorb some ball bounce. I used 4x6 rubber mats from Tractor Supply as my subfloor since I didn't need anything for warmth.


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              I use Dricore. I’d never consider anything else. Works great


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                Hi everyone,

                I've been looking into dricore for my floor but it would appear it's not available here in the UK.

                Would anyone have any other suggestions as to a similar product as i can't seem to find anything comparable? (perhaps someone from the UK has done something similar?)