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New SIM for Skytrak...Tips

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  • New SIM for Skytrak...Tips

    I upgraded to a new Skytak. I then decided to redesigned my basement sim. I learned a lot about what to do to enhance my sim experience on this forum. I have TGC and E6. My group likes E6 best.

    Some tips I learned in my process.
    1. Be purposeful about your lighting. I hand made light covers from plastic cups from the KC Chiefs game to shadow my screen from overhead bulbs.
    2. Most projectors need to get back, up and over to the right to avoid body shadows.
    3. It was a big help to put a directed light just behind the Skytrak to improve photo pick ups. This significantly decreases misses. I used a Ryobi battery light to limit any light pollution on my screen.
    4. Smaller hitting mats move. I used a masonry bit and anchored my mat to my foundation floor. 3” anchors 3 inches off the front of the mat in the front.
    5. Skytrak is better for limited room space because of ball flight. All my friends are single digit handicaps and the feel matched the flights. (I am a 1.8).
    6. Use a T square by your Skytrak. This helps with face alignment and down the line alignment.
    7. You can buy a cheap paint roller tray for balls, tees and parts laying around.
    8. Home Depot has tool holders that mount on the wall in small and large mounts. The small is perfect for shafts and mount on the wall. They can be found in tool section by wall mount stuff. I mounted my old Titleist ZBs. My friends don’t have to carry in their bags. Your shafts slide in without opening the rubber and the dots hold the clubs perfectly in line for viewing.
    9. In the dark rooms for your projection screen mount a light above your bag to easily view the number on your sticks.
    10. A square bar stool works perfectly for leaning clubs up against for quick access. We put all our driver and wedges up against the stool.
    11. I bought HDMI repeaters. 1 in 4 out. I have three TVs in the room and the projector. I have two Direct TV boxes. I have HDMI switches to route signals where I want them. A good quality TV right of your projector screen is helpful. Graphics for yardages and stuff is better. I rought my satelight, spliced in the room, out to my outdoor room. Point being, think about where you want to rought audio visual before your finish your room. Use conduit for long run HDMI so if the break or fail you can replace later. NOTE if you have high handicaps be careful of your monitor placements.
    12. Building walls. Sound dapper them with the right insulation.
    13. Be careful of using dirty balls or marking your balls with permanent marker for better video capture. I learned from experience that it will mark up your nice white screen.
    14. If you have a hitting mat you can drill a hole for a tee. I am waiting for my Country Club Elite Hitting Mat. We drilled into my current mat for tees BUT mark the hole with a black market.
    15. My putting mat is in front of my hitting mat. This allows for good ball roll out on Skytrak putts. The worthless old OptiShot is in front between my mat and putting service. It is turned sideways to create a hole and target for alignment of putts.
    16. Most important. Buy a gaming computer with high level processors. Processes everything faster and stops your hard stops from lock ups. Most the stuff you read on here about lock ups and miss reads are lighting problems OR using computers with minimum requirements. Why invest in a system and put a low end motor in it?
    17. If you buy a Skytrak the protection case is a must. Especially for short screen to monitor distances.

    Thanks forum guys for your help. This KC cold snap has been depressing until we got this all set up last week. Midwest PGA ProAm in Vegas in two weeks. We should have a leg up on the field.
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    Winamy Awesome right up! Thanks for the tips as I am just starting my build and on a tight budget so trying not to waste in areas not needed! Eventual goal would be to get a GC2 but thinking I might be jumping to SkyTrak much quicker than I originally planned on!


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      I love the dog in the back of the room. Great job and write up. Look forward to your GC2 upgrade write up next year. :-)