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Garage Needs Air Conditioning!

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  • Garage Needs Air Conditioning!

    I got my golf simulator up and running in my 3 car garage this winter and I am now very very addicted.
    Having said that it is now hitting the 90s and is only going to get hotter. Anyone attempt to utilize a mobile air conditioner? When I was at Home Depot this weekend I saw a variety of models but thought I would ask the crew. (I came up empty using the Search tool.)
    A waste of money and better off with a big fan?
    I only have 110 outlets in the garage if that maters (I know it mattered for heaters as we could only use one small heater that did next to nothing this winter. Tried two and it tripped the circuit breaker.)

    Thanks in advance!
    Michael M.

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    I use one like this in my Sims room, works great.


    • Deuce
      Deuce commented
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      I've been considering options for same reason as OP. How much does this cost in electricity?

    • BGCurtis2nd
      BGCurtis2nd commented
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      Deuce Don't quit know yet, I have had other construction projects going on since I put this in operation, not sure how much is AC verses all the power tools.

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    I did a little research on this and I think the window/vented ACs are much more efficient than the portable ones. And cheaper per BTU. I have a people door on the side of my attached garage and put a window unit in it and filled the rest with plywood and sealed it up with some insulation. It works pretty well, will generally keep the garage about 10 degree cooler that the outside temps without running all of the time. You could also just cut a hole in the wall and install it there. Mine is a two car garage, I put some nifty draft sealing moulding around the garage door which helped a ton. I can give details on what it is if anyone is interested.


    • nickro
      nickro commented
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      I'm interested in the draft sealing moulding option you mentioned. I have a gap issue with the top of my garage door after removing the overhead opener and installing a jackshaft operator.

    • Michael M.
      Michael M. commented
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      I do have a window to the right of the screen and protected by netting. Although it sounds like a lot more of a pain to install and assure security like a simple mobile model. I'll give it some thought.

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    I just purchased the 20 inch Commercial Electric high velocity fan from home depot ($45) on Sunday for this exact same reason. Only used it on low so far with it about 12 feet away and it is working like a charm. Tested it on high and it was moving lots of air in my garage. Tomorrow will be the first big test as it should be in the 90s here.

    It is super light so will be using it on the back patio this summer too... may even get one of those misting kits to attach to it!


    • EasyW
      EasyW commented
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      Wouldn't a misting kit...create a level of humidity or water vapor that your expensive electronics (Sim, Computer, etc) might not like over time?

    • Burtgolf
      Burtgolf commented
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      EasyW the misting kit would be for when it is used on the back patio

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    Expensive but mini split ac units work best.


    • Supraracer
      Supraracer commented
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      I just put in 24000 BTU mini split in my garage for 1,400, but I did the work myself. They have smaller 110v units.

    • GungHoGolf
      GungHoGolf commented
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      Supraracer please share the make and model of your minisplit

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    If you have a window, just get a window AC unit. This is what i use in my garage during the summer and it works fine.


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      I just bought this portable on Amazon 10 days ago and it’s working well in my 3-car garage in Austin. Unknown electric bill result, will update when it comes in.

      BLACK + DECKER 14000 BTU Portable...
      - Ron at


      • Michael M.
        Michael M. commented
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        Thanks! Curious to hear how it works. If it works well, would be a much easier solution than a window unit.

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      Supraracer Where are you located and what unit are you using? Curious how well your mini split works for cold weather climates if you are in one. I was looking before but couldn't find one that worked well in colder temps. When you looked at the operating temperature curves the ones I was looking at would not supply heat when it get to temps expected here in MI.


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        I am in PA and it gets cold up here too. I have not had it during the winter yet but my friend has one (why I bought mine) and it did a great job heating his garage. My garage is 20 x 40 and 10' ceilings. The ceilings are insulated but the walls are not. This is the unit I purchased.

        I also purchased a mini vac pump to vac the lines down. It wasn't that hard to install. The extra 300 were for the 10ga wiring and conduit and break out box, vac pump, and gauges. It is super quiet and cools down quickly. About 1400 overall.