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Golf sim using net and TV instead of projection screen

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  • Golf sim using net and TV instead of projection screen

    Hi, new here apologize in advance if this is a silly question, but was looking around but did not see anything on this subject. I'm looking to put together an golf simulator in my garage, as I think and plan it out, I keep coming back to the simplicity of hitting into a net have having PC and 55/65 inch TV to my right. I have yet to come across anyone with this setup on these forums and wondering why this is unpopular. I'm looking for less of a man cave/entertainment room and more of a place to practice and obviously play rounds. Looking at Skytrak and TGC 2019 and Net Return. Please tell me why I shouldn't do this and go with projector setup instead. Thanks in advance

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    There are definitely people who have a similar setup. I think most end up switching to an impact screen and projector because it is just more immersive and the cost ends up not being too much more. The Net Return is about $600, and a 60 inch TV is going to be $500-1000 assuming you go with a good but not top of the line one. For a similar amount of money you can get one an impact screen from this forum (search for direct from the mill, it's $175 for a 10x10ft piece), build a cage with EMT pipe fittings (around $100), use tarp clips and ball bungees to attach the screen to the cage (around $50), and pick up a 1080p short throw projector (around $700 new, $400 used).

    If you are concerned with permanently taking up your garage, there are some pretty clever builds where people have the floor fold up, screens retract, etc.


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      I agree 100% with Andy. You can certainly do it with a net and tv...but a projector and screen is better (and not much more expensive).


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        I currently hit into an archery net and have it displayed on a TV on the wall. I am debating getting a projector and some mill fabric in the future, but at this point I just dropped coin on the PC, and need to save up for the Sim Software later. I have a 3-5 year plan that if it works out will be pretty awesome if I stay in this house. If not I'll start all over in a different place with considerations for a dedicated space for a simulator.


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          I think a lot of folks that have projectors/screens start with that setup until they can build, for either financial or space limitations, though you could insert laptop, monitor, or iPad for the TV. I spent many years hitting into a net and it's better than nothing. It's really a function of what you're willing to spend and how much space you're willing to use. If you can afford it and have the space, you won't regret going all in. If you don't have the budget or space, your plan would work great.


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            This is exactly the setup I use... Net Return, mat (CCE insert cut into the 6'x10' mat that comes with the Net Return), and a TV mounted on the wall I face at address. I really like it, and think the net will last me longer than a screen. Plus, I don't worry about the TV as much as I would the projector with respect to errant swings (my ceiling isn't quite 10'), and know there's a bit more maintenance to a projector than to a TV, although the TV could die sooner. I'm also thinking we're not all that far away from augmented reality setups, in which case, we'll all be hitting into nets again Either way, you cannot go wrong. Have fun with your setup!


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              I started this way while in construction and it worked fine but having a screen is night and day better.
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                I have been hitting into a net return and viewing on a 40" TV for the 3 years that my indoor setup has been in use. I am not thinking of buying a screen and projector. I have a SkyTrak/TGC simulator and the 2 second or so delay experienced with SkyTrak leaves lots of time to view what is happening with my shots/putts on the TV. If I had a GC2 that has no or very little delay, I might feel differently.

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              Sorry MT didn't mean to post that as a comment on your post.


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                I wasn’t worried. Lol.

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              I too was considering what you are proposing. I've been hitting into a DIY net in garage for a few months but it has its limits - moving cars, moving net around, finding right spot for swinging driver due to low garage rails and opener motors. I actually have 12 foot ceilings but pesky garage opener makes space seem tight. Thought about about picking up a Sytrak or Optishot and a TV and saving a few bucks. But then I started reading posts in this forum and looking at sim builds on YouTube. Now I have the bug.

              I'm starting my garage sim build. I'm already coming to grips that the major costs may not come from choosing projector and screen over net and tv but rather from preparing the space for this type of activity. So far biggest expense is converting two garage doors to high lift doors with wall jacks. This is unavoidable from my perspective. Just don't want to be paranoid about swinging golf clubs. The next big expense will probably be installing a mini split AC/Heater. No point spending on all the toys if I can't tolerate the cold or heat. (North East). As for the sim stuff a retractable screen and Skytrak are on order. I have the projector already. Wife on board as long as I can disassemble sim without any drama and not destroy her car which she wishes to park in one of the bays. I thought about Net Return however the 36" depth presented some challenges.


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                Thanks to all, very much appreciate the thoughts. I ended up going with the impact screen and projector with Skytrak. My main reason for liking the net/TV setup was just the simplicity of it, not so much the cost savings which seemed minimal. I'll post images as it gets built.