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starting new sim. any advice choosing the system?

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  • starting new sim. any advice choosing the system?

    Hi all,

    I've been reading a lot in this forum and it helped me to get an idea on what I should look for. But still I am overwhelmed by the information. And there are many things that I couldn't really decide or figure out how to do... I would really appreciate if you can share your advice here for a newbie.

    My available space is about 25.5 ft x 15.5 ft and 9 ft height. However, I would like to leave about 4 ft space from the door to the yard as a storage, real available space would be about 21.5 x 15.5x 9.... (please see the attached picture)

    First, Uneekor QED.... I was considering Uneekor simulator. But according to the installation layout from the webpage, 12 ft was needed from the screen. Will my layout also work? placing tee at 9 ft from the screen and have 7 ft space in the back?

    Second, I also encountered GSA website. They seem to have Vistrak surround system, which look very similar to Uneekor. Ceiling mount.. no calibration needed. How are they different? Any comments on pros and cons?? Are there any comparisons that I can take a look?

    Third, screen size... Should I go for 16:9 or 4:3 screen? i am little short on width to have 16:9.. if I go with 4:3, I only need about 12 ft width. If this is the case (4:3), should I run padding on one side of the wall and put a drape on the other side ? and have about 3 ft passage to the storage space?

    Fourth, the storage space... Since I want the last 4 ft space to be used as storage...I think it'd be really usefull, if I can access the space from the golf-area. As stated above, if I use 4;3 screen, yes I can get about 3 ft width passage, but the look of the room may be little strange. Is there a way to access this area with full width screen?

    Fifth, it seems everyone is so good with DIY and making this impact screen frames and wall paddings and such... If you can give me a direction from where I can buy screen and frame, where would you recommend?

    I'm sorry for many questions. But one day, I hope I can return the knowledge.


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    Par2Pro sells everything. Check them out first. Getting behind the screen will be an issue.


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      The Uneekor QED does not require 12 ft. to screen. Actually, the QED system only needs a couple of feet. The 12ft suggested distance was only listed as a guide for users to avoid bounce back issues.....I hit 9 feet to my screen and have not issues.


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        From all of my readings, I would say most of the members are hitting 9 to 10 feet from the screen. I, like Gene, am going to be hitting 9' from the screen with the Uneekor 3-1/2' behind me. I am almost done with my sim. Just waiting on the turf (tomorrow) and the blackout curtains in 1 to 2 weeks. And then it's HIT AWAY!!


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          I'm setup 10' from the screen with my Uneekor. One thing to keep in mind, the further you hit away from the screen, the more ceiling protection you need. Those 60 degree flop shots can get up in a hurry.