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Help choosing retractable build

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  • Help choosing retractable build

    Howdy all, looking for feedback. After reading pages of info on this site I'm still, on the fence.
    I'm building a retractable sim set up in the garage. My budget was $10k but seems like that's not quite enough πŸ€” can probably stretch to $14k.

    10' high ceilings, 14.5' x 16' clear space [no garage door tracks etc] myself, 2 kids and friends using so need a decent amount of side protection.

    So far have decided on Uneekor QED, Truestrike hitting mat [need as forgiving as possible on joints, glad of feedback on this choice?]

    My options for the retractable enclosure are the Par2 stealth set up or the homecourse screen set up. The stealth set from par2pro is about $2k+ more than the homecourse [after ceiling baffles etc]. Any suggestions as to whether its worth the extra $$? Am I overlooking an option?

    Also Par2 are selling the rough turf for $100 per linear ft vs basic landing pad from rain~or~shine. Comments on that? Its another $900

    Appreciate the tips and help in advance

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    The home course setup looks like junk to me.. I would go with the par2pro setup. The landing turf is nice but 900 for what it does is expensive. You could get something cheaper if you shopped around. The ceiling protection can be done for far less that the one par2pro sells and side protection you could use drapes or something that slides out of the way when not in use. It depends if you want to diy it or not. Me personally I would get the par2pro rear stealth screen and work on other options for the rest. If you want the convenience factor and don’t mind paying 6-7k for it then you could get it all from them. Many on here have the total par2pro system and I never heard anyone complain about it

    of course that leaves 6k for QED plus mat choice plus s/w needed.
    I would go with Fibrebuilt for forgiveness. true strike is great but not as easy on the joints as the fibrebuilt studio mats
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    • Mud_Scooper
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      Cheers. Thats was my concern re Homecourse.
      Makes sense re landing turf.
      Re sides that slide out, because of the location they either have to retract up to the roof or disconnect and be put away. Hanging curtain type system wouldn't work.
      Appreciate the feedback re fibrebuilt.

    • soupy
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      then you might be better off with the retracting side panels
      The ceiling protection looks great but seems way over done to me.

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    HomeCourse is 8 ft wide screen. Seems like you have the space to go wider. I would definitely do the Stealth screen over the HomeCourse if you have the space. I would suggest you prioritize your budget; LM, hitting surface, screen, protection, turf. As soupy pointed out the savings can be found with protection and turf without having to compromise effectiveness or finished look. Assuming you already have projector, gaming PC, software, power source on the ceiling? 10K may be pushing it even with a good amount of DIY.


    • Mud_Scooper
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      Projector will likely be the one Par2 reccomeded:
      WUXGA Projector
      Wide UXGA (1920 x 1200)
      5000 lumens
      16000:1 contrast
      Yes all good re ceiling power etc.
      Yes re gaming PC.
      Any other sources for Turf?

      I Understand re $10k, I can stretch that but don't want to unnecessary.

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    this is good turf and you can putt on it. should come in a little less than the rough turf but you get a lot more

    that projector is good from what people here say but it is 1199 everywhere else. they will support it though so if you need them to help then 1399 might not be too bad


    • Mud_Scooper
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      Thanks for the link πŸ‘

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    If your trying to save money, have you considered the sportscreen and add your favorite impact screen? Basically a DIY stealthscreen


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      Pay par2pro for the right product. It is too easy to dig and get something for 80% cost and really be 50% of the quality and fit.

      I payed them and am satisfied. A coupled hundred extra to know that all the parts fit and have seams and stitched velcro in the right spots was worth it for me.

      +1 for fiberbuilt . It was odd for about 10 hits, then it made complete sense. After two weeks of use my elbow and wrist pain never returned. My old mat was causing subtle, lingering discomfort. The shot variation off the mat is great too. It really is brilliant.

      The only turf that matters is a 3' wide x 10' long section in front of the hitting area. The rest is a 1.75" shag artificial grass that stops a ball's bounce and roll. The wide view of the QED makes putting quite enjoyable because you can place the ball on short putting turf beside the fiberbuilt panel.
      Uneekor QED
      Epson L1300UNL / ELPLU03 Lens (8000 Lumen Laser 2160P, 0.69 Throw Ratio)
      Dell P4317Q (2160P) x2
      HP Omen 875-1022 (2080 TI / 9900k / 16GB)
      The Golf Club 2019
      Par2Pro Stealth Screens


      • Mud_Scooper
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        Appreciate the POV, not against paying but wanting to make sure its necessary / worth the extra and the comments are indicating it is.
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