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How to orient a 13X17 foot room??

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  • How to orient a 13X17 foot room??

    I'm in construction of a new room with a high ceiling for my golf simulator. The largest I could make the room is 13X17 ft. I plan to use a Uneekor with a projector and screen. Naturally, I was planning to lay it out as 13 ft wide (right handed golfer only) and 17 ft deep. While that works well for myself and perhaps one friend, I cannot figure out where in the room 3 guys from my usual foursome can safely sit (and not distract from the golfer). Then the crazy idea hit me to make the room 17 ft wide and 13 ft deep (which puts me very close to the screen when hitting). I'd appreciate specific thoughts on the best way to lay out this size space and where I'd place three friends?? Photos or diagrams of what you're doing would be very helpful. Thanks

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    That’s going to be very tough, having 3-4 bags and 4 people. I would suggest first to put a spot on the floor 6’ from the back wall down your target line and take some swings yourself and see if you feel too cramped. Then turn and face the wall and swing from the same spot. If you’re not going to feel comfortable it may be better just setting it up for yourself and play with one other


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      Hi wbond. I'm not fond of 13 ft deep because I'm very close to the screen or 13 ft wide as I don't know where the other 3 golfers go. As you wrote "That’s going to be very tough", does "that" refer to 13 fto wide? Which way would you orient your room if you got stuck with these dimensions.

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    It’s going to be tough because I don’t think your space is going to work for what you want. I’ve got a two car garage and you don’t realize how much room three other people standing around and three other bags takes up. I agree 13’ depth is not much that’s why I mentioned to put a spot on the ground at 6’ and take swings. I think you may see that you will probably prefer the 17 depth over the 13


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      I don’t see how a screen, hitting area, computer, seating and place for tour clubs fit safely in that area. Perhaps if everyone is right handed you use a unit on the ground (CG2/ST/etc) as far forward and left as possible. Then get a corner seating arrangement in the back right?


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        My sim room is 13.6 ft by 16 ft... Check out my build thread. If you put your screen as close to the wall as possible and your hitting area close to the screen, you can do it. You have 1 more foot of depth so if you do it right, you’ll have the space to sit people behind the hitting area. Just keep that in mind during your build and buy compact seating. As an example, I almost went with a row of seats from a closed down movie theater. I ended up with the couches pictured and they work fine.

        Click image for larger version

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          Hi Godfather, Also, are people able to sit on the either couch while you are hitting balls? Or, is the couch just for watching a movie on the big screen?

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          A) ball to screen - 6’8”
          B) ball to back wall - 8’7”
          C) 5’5”
          D) 8’2” - this allows room to practice swing with the curtain closed even with a driver.

          Black pads are sound insulation foam panels. I believe I say what they are in the V3.0 part of my build thread - basically they are 12”x12” foam and it’s called a mushroom style I believe.

          People can sit on the couch for playing. With V1.0 and V2.0, only the side couch and over to about even with the ball was used. But now, after saving 8-9” or so it can all be used while playing.

          If you keep space-saving measures in mind, you should be fine. Keep in mind your desired projected image size when choosing your screen and projector.
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          Hi Godfather, That's incredibly helpful. Thank you so so much!! Bruce