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Golf Tent heating / Outdoor heating / Winter play

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  • Golf Tent heating / Outdoor heating / Winter play

    Not sure where to post this, but here's my problem. I bought a golf tent and I love it. The biggest problem I have is staying warm. I played tonight and it was 28F (-5C) out. I was freezing, the heater I bought was no help. The heater is a 9000BTU propane heater. When you have a tent that has a 10' ceiling and roughly 450 square feet, it's a huge volume to heat, not to mention zero insulation. Can anyone come up with a solution? I don't need it be 80 degrees in there, but at least 65 degrees. I cannot use anything electrical as I don't have the amp, and even a 1200watt electric heater will blow my circuit breaker. Propane seems the easiest option. This is making me crazy because it renders the tent useless in the winter...Open to any suggestions, thanks!

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    I would suggest looking at an infrared heater. They are designed to heat objects and not the air. It is the same as they use on patios at restaurants. Available in propane.


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      Thanks, I’ll look into this! I am currently exploring a 125,000btu dewalt heater but concerned about the tent melting.


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        I just installed a 30k btu natural gas mr. heater in my garage. It’s probably 40F outside and my 2 car garage was at 70F after about 30 min.


        • Ttime65
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          Profiler, nice work. Did you do the work yourself? I received a quote for this work at $3500 ? Seems too high for a garage vented heater ?

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        Ended up with this, works great. Takes about 5 minutes to heat the tent to 75-80 degrees. Stays warm enough to play in a t-shirt for close to 9 holes when it’s 40 degrees out. Then a 5 min break to get it back to 80 again.


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          Noob20, thanks for the info. This dynaglow you are using runs on kerosene? Correct? Any issue with fumes? Carbon Dioxide? Looks like a nice solution!


          • Noob20
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            Correct, kerosene. I learned the hard way that it needs to be started outside the tent, pointed away from the tent. Then move it inside. I have roughly 75% of the unit inside the tent, with the back end sticking out. I wouldn't say it completely eliminates the scent of kerosene, but it's not bad at all. Since it's only running for a few minutes, I do not have carbon dioxide issues. That, and the fact that the tent isn't airtight.