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I want to build my sim right from the start

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  • I want to build my sim right from the start

    New Guy from TX here. I have been researching sims for a couple weeks and have pretty much decided on a GC-2 for my small room setup. The room is 12 wide 10 tall and 17 long. I have a million questions like most newbies so I am looking for an online tutorial on how to design and build a nice simulator. How this setup looks is extremely Important to me, I want this to look something like the one pictured. I would prefer to pad the walls with some type of material instead of having a cage and net visible. I will do all of the work myself so I know I have a huge challenge ahead. I want to avoid making mistakes and do it right the first time.

    My research so far has been mainly about choosing a launch monitor so I need to look into the design and build of the room now. I also need to choose a computer and software, projector, screen, hitting mat etc. I am hoping to use the forums knowledgeable advice to make this build a success. Can someone point me to a similar type build that has a lot of step by step pictures and info?


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    How close to THAT do you want it?! This is professionally done... I have to assume since you’re looking for online tutorials, you don’t have the skills to do THAT. Better to leave something this amazing to people that can do that.

    If if you’re not looking for something that fancy, upscale, maybe provide something a bit more inline and in budget. Or provide more details about the must haves - wood flooring around grass, speakers, recessed lighting, etc.

    thousands of ways to do this, but not sure what type of tutorial you’re really looking for. Do you need to know how to install flooring? Or build a soffit?

    Your hardware needs will be based on your build and your gaming software purchase.

    Tons info in these threads already about each item you’ll need.

    edit: if you have unlimited budget. This seems to be the communities preference.
    - fiberbuilt hitting mat (good luck finding one)
    - Carl’s Premium hitting screen (can confirm, this is amazing)
    - GTX 1070 or better graphics card, I7 processor, windows 10, 8-16g of RAM
    - lots of good things on BenQ short throw 4K projector, need to look into that one though. Not sure if exact one.
    - The Golf Club 2019
    - add and HMT to your GC2
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      It can be overwhelming at first because there is a ton of information out there and plenty of ways to go about it.

      I dont have a step by step guide but you can see the progression of sim rooms here:

      I do think you can get a professional looking sim doing it yourself, it will just take some planning and deciding which materials to use. Good luck with your build.


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        As usual, I'm the guy raining on the parade....

        Your "hoped for" sim that you have pictured is unfortunately wildly optimistic. The impact screen alone is probably 12 feet wide. That's the width of your current room, before adding padding or protection to the walls.

        Put your sim picture up and block out both sides with your hands at the impact screen's sides. Realistically you can do the middle third of the picture. That's what's possible with your space. Sorry.

        It's most likely that you'll have to be hitting offset (not from the rooms centerline) to avoid hitting the wall on your follow through.

        I'm speaking from experience.

        My room dimensions (starting out) were 22 feet L x 12 feet 9 inches W x 11 feet H.

        ProTee has suggested dimensions here:

        My build, for ProTee is shown here:

        It's functional, but nowhere near elegant.


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          I posted the picture to show the fit and finish I am looking for in my final product. I am not trying to build an exact copy of the one pictured. Building a golf simulator room is overwhelming when you are just getting started like me. I have been reading the forum and gaining knowledge but it will take a while to understand what works and what does not. I will be bound by the physical dimensions of my room but NOTHING will stop me from building a top notch golf sim.

          I was told there is no way to put the complete interior from a 2011 BMW into my 1970 Cutlass convertible. The pictures below show that is indeed possible if you have the determination and just ignore it when someone tells you "you cant do that" I am a CAN DO, WILL DO type of person that WILL have a killer simulator. Naysayers, get on board or get out of my way!! BTW I had never done any kind of auto interior work before I did the BMW swap.
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            Good Luck! Let us know how it turns out. Document so you can give all of us Naysayers/realists the step by step some day.

          • aja
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            Nolo problemo... Didn't say you couldn't do it. You just don't have the space to do it.

            Knock yourself out. Better to know the constraints going in than thinking you can build a sim with 20 W x 24 L sim features in a 12 W x 17 L space.

            Being realistic, not negative.

            Best of luck!

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            "You can't do that" has more than one meaning.

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          This is a great forum to ask questions in.

          Looking at your example that room is much wider than it looks. This was shot with a wide angle lens. Whoever took it was a pro, but a few proportions give it away. I'm guessing 18-20' wide.

          I have an L shaped room that is 14' wide in my hitting area and I still need a little offset. Not to mention the depth. My room is 29' and I barely can have two rows of theater recliners with riser in at a safe distance. Let's be realistic there will be drinks when you have friends over and a driver or iron accidentally clipping someone would be devastating. I have my screen at 18" from the wall and the tee is 8' from the screen. That is almost 20' from tee to the end of the room. Not trying to discourage you, but every project has its limitations.

          So here is some simple advice to start.
          1. start by laying this out on paper or if you're good with CAD diagram out the room and spaces.
          2. next put tape down for the hitting area and any furniture.
          3. take some slow moving swings with your driver and see what obstacles may be in the way.
          4. identify anything that is close and adjust.
          If you do this you should have a good plan to start.

          Here are the things I found to be the best for my experience
          1. GC2 and HMT
          2. Fiberbuilt hitting strip surrounded by green stance mat
          3. Club storage and computer hardware storage
          4. Second tv as a separate computer screen or for whatever you want to watch. (my wife will sometimes watch her shows while I hit)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
          5. Rockwool insulation with resilient channel for sound proofing (also minimal if no recessed lighting. If you need recessed lighting you can build soundproof enclosures)
          6. Ben Q HT 2550 ( i don't have this model. but plan to upgrade when my 1080 darbee bites the bullet)
          7. Run Ethernet and HDMI to multiple walls. (ethernet can be used for usb extenders)
          8. If you have windows - blackout shades.

          Best of luck. I'm sure you will have an awesome sim room when it is done.