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GSA golf releases Vistrak (Alpha testing)

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  • GSA golf releases Vistrak (Alpha testing)

    My initial plan was to wait until my unit arrives next week. But honestly, I can't stand it any longer.

    GSA has released a brand golf sim call Vistrak. Pricing from $995 to $2795. $995 is for current GSA users looking to upgrade. For new users, the price is $1495. Vistrak measures club speed, club face angle, club path, deviation from sweet spot (horizontal). Ball data includes spin, spin axis, ball speed, HA, LA. Vistrak does all this with one camera. Please note that LA will not be as accurate as GSA’s multi camera systems. While this may be acceptable for many, those of us who want better accuracy can add a floor mounted Vcam for $690.

    $2795 will get you a nice case with integrated IR lighting along with a Vcam. As volumes increase, the cased version should go down in price.

    Vistrak is not your usual GSA product. Vistrak doesn’t require a triggering system for the camera. It does not require a sensor mat for club data. The camera has an AOI (Area of Interest) and will trigger once the ball is struck, similar to the GC2 or Uneekor. User defined hitting area is massive. As large as 30x12 inches can be used. Please note that marked balls or balls with a clear black logo need to be used for spin measurement. The logo will need to be facing the camera. This is a small price to pay to be able to use premium balls. Currently clubs need to be marked but GSA is working on a solution for that.

    Vistrak can get clear images for spin measurement without the need for an annoying and expensive IR flash. Vistrak can measure ball speed from 2mph up to 200 mph. HA should be within normal GSA tolerances of less than +/- ½ degree. LA tolerances will be tested with and without the optional Vcam. Please note that Vistrak can be added to any GSA sim.

    And…. Vistrak will give club data to any sim. This will be tested during Alpha and Beta testing

    My Alpha testing unit will be shipped on Monday. Beta testing will be open to the public once Alpha testing is complete. Beta units will sell for $750. Beta testing quantities will be limited ( probably less than 10) so act quickly. Production will be limited at first so don’t expect the unit to ship the next day. More information can be found on the website

    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	52.3 KB ID:	208489
    Contact GSA or me for ETA’s. Martin from GSA will not be monitoring the forum for questions. All questions about Vistrak can be directed to me. Some of you might remember a buzz about Vistrak a few years back. Since then camera tech has improved and come down in price. Originally a two camera version was going to be released. But as testing continued it was discovered that a single camera can provide the data required. Videos and reviews will follow once I am up and running. Only 2 Alpha units will be out there so we expect Alpha testing to last at least a month. Integration with 3rd party software will be immediate.
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    Would be nice to have everything mounted on the ceiling. What would the cost of beta be with Vcam.


    • Fairways IGC
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      I agree. It is nice to have everything mounted in the overhead. Not only is it a cleaner looking installation, but in my experience it makes it much easier to control lighting. Ambient light that hits your walls or lighting that is directed towards the camera can effect the contrast or cause ghosting. The ground is normally a much more uniform and control surface to use as a camera back drop. Everything in the overhead facing down also gives you more options on your enclosure sides.

      I use the CX Surround with a club camera and it works great. I am looking forward to the vistrak being able to replace the club cam and then itll be a prime system.

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    So to recap. The most accurate system could be: ceiling mounted Vistrak surround (3 camera system) with a dual camera Vcam. In theory this should give the most accurate ball and club data with measured spin?

    If yes...this sounds like a winner! I’ll keep following....



    • Fairways IGC
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      gunserotti i just added a post that might provide some insight for you. Let me know if you have any questions on my set up or what you are looking for and i can provide my experience and as much info as possible.

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    I will have to check with Martin which is the most economical way of having everything measured. You are right, adding the dual vcam with spin will give the CX surround everything. There may be a better way. Martin was talking about having the spin cameras in the Surround case. Now I will have to confirm if the two spin cameras will also pick up LA. If so, yes, that is a winner. Once we release the first beta units, we will start Alpha testing the Vistrak Surround with spin, Vistrak LX monitor, and the Vistrak KX monitor.


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      When can we expect to see a video of you playing around with the VisTrak


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        Hey guys thought id chime in with some information for you. From what i have seen and know, the most accurate system is going to be the CX surround with the trigger camera coupled with the Vistrak. The CX surround for ball speed and trajectory. And the vistrak for video playback, club and spin data. The CX has the largest FOV and therefore will give you two data points that are further away. thus decreasing the relative error and increases accuracy. Great thing is this product is available now. I can assist with a purchase if interested. Then, Couple that with the vistrak for club data and (when the development is done) for spin data. And its a simple add on.

        Currently, i am using the CX surround and a club camera in all my bays.

        Works great, i have tested and confirmed CX ball speed and trajectory is accurate within a couple %. I did this with a " calibration rig" i built so i could quickly verify and set the cameras in my facility when an errant shot (we see many bad golfers) hit a camera. Plus i like to prove to people it is accurate. The rig is a rod of a known length attached to an inclimometer and a radial protractor. So i set the rig at a known LA and HA, verfied by the inclimometer and measured azimuth. i know the length of the rod and the exposure time of the camera so i can calculate the speed. I can then move the rod through a range and verify HA,LA match the actual and that the speed is constant.

        Club camera, i have set up in two ways. Depending on which bay the client is using. Color cam which takes a single image right before impact, great visual and club face angle reading or mono with club markers which has a timed exposure and you see club path and speed that way.

        Ball spin is calculated but it is very predictable and playable. There is currently a ball spin camera that can be added as well. But I have not used the spin cam.


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          With all that the VisTrak can do. I think adding a Vcam might be all you really need


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            Are there any news regarding the alpha test of Vistrak?

            @ Keither5150:
            Are you already able to play a round TGC using Vistrak?
            Perhaps you could share some videos with us?

            As shown on Martins homepage, development of the low
            profile IR LED lighting seems to be almost finished, do
            you have tested it as well? Is it much more powerful than
            GSAs standard IR lightning?


            • Fairways IGC
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              Caracalla Good progress on the IR lighting, have nailed down the brightness required and a couple ways to get there. Is IR lighting the preferred method for you to minimize glare and brightness on the player or in the room? Would it be preferable if it was integrated into one case with the camera or would mounting it separate be acceptable?

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            Well, we do have a viable lighting option if the IR lighting does not pan out. Mike is currently building a high powered IR solution. Nothing like this exists on the market. Mike is confident that he can get it working. I have switched from Halogen lights..... to damn hot for my liking.... to a high powered LED spot light. The spot light seems to take the place of the halogens just fine.

            Recent updates have yielded excellent results along with a few eye openers. The most recent update reeked havoc with more than a few other things. Certain data stopped being transferred. High speeds stopped being detected.... which is strange as I managed to hit 161 mph with the driver and 144 with the 3 wood a few weeks back. Martin has been made aware of the things that broke during the last two updates.

            Unfortunately it is not ready for playing a round. We still have too many instances where the data is not solid.

            I have not tested the IR lights. Since Mike is building them in AL and I am in Canada, he will be doing all of the testing.

            Overall, Vistrak shows great potential, especially when paired with existing proven GSA products. Working out the kinks has proven to be more time consuming than anticipated.


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              New guy looking into getting a golf launch monitor, when I first started out looking I read about opti shot, then I ran across ST and done a lot of research on that product and was convienced that was what I wanted, but before i made the decision to buy someone had posted about a new system in the making (Vistrak) so I decided to wait and see what it was about thinking that it would be a system that was more advanced than the ST. I went to to Vistrak website and if I was reading correctly, are there different models available. What I am looking for is a Launch monitor where I can play different courses and multi player and mostly off line as I am not a online player, (used to take up to much of my times in my younger years MS Golf 3.0 days). Use it for play time and have friends over when it rainy or cold and improve my golf game a bit at the same time.. this is a stand alone system correct? Thoughts , views ,opinions anything to help me decide thanks.


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                ProTee Max Can you increase the max number of private messages for my Keither5150 account. It seems that I have too many messages in my inbox. I deleted a whole bunch and it still won't let me send or receive new messages...... I really don't want to delete any of the Vistrak Beta inquiries. Until I get my inbox sorted out, people can contact me on Discord. TGC channel. And soon, the GSA Vistrak channel.

                @ Pawpaw. GSA has numerous standalone systems that will fit various needs. Vistrak is currently Alpha testing. While we have the hardware almost nailed down. We are still waiting for GSA to fix a few issues before we ok the Beta release. More info can be found here.


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                  Do you get carry and total yards with the Vistrak or just club and ball data?


                  • keither5150
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                    This was added in today's update.

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                  There has been more than a few people ask if the single camera Vistrak can be mounted on a stand or tripod. As a club data addon to Skytrak or the GC2, it can be mounted on a tripod. It has been tested briefly in this configuration. The only difference is that a different lens will be needed compared to the ceiling mounted version.