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VEGAS baby!!!

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  • VEGAS baby!!!

    So, as awesome as sim golf is, I just went on a golf trip with a buddy to Las Vegas. Super cheap flights deal came up a month or two ago and we jumped on it. Not specifically on a budget, but cheap flight + seedy hotel deal + Golf Now deals = quickie golf vacay!!! Almost a disaster, though... We thought we'd escape Vancouver snow and ice for sunshine, but a week before our trip Vegas got the first snowfall in like 15 years LOL.. DOH~!!

    Not to worry, though, because the the sun broke out before we landed and we got awesome weather all week.

    Five days......... Six courses...... Seven rounds... in my younger days I would have wanted even more, but now I'm satisfied lol

    Landed Sunday at 10:30, and at 12:30 we teed off!

    Sienna Golf club
    Boulder Creek GC
    Las Vegas GC
    Primm Valley Lakes course
    Primm Valley Desert course
    Paiute LV - Snow course (greens stimping 13+!! OMG)

    It was our first time golfing in LV. I would do it differently the next time, but all in all a great time.

    Now I'm back home and headed to the SIM room!!!

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    Sounds like an amazing winter golf trip right there! Very jealous. I really gotta start making those type of golf trips soon, way too many amazing courses I want to see


    • gnomike
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      So many is right. Do it. Once you go, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner lol

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    Been out to Vegas a few but never got to golf I am back to reality for you which is the worst part returning from a trip.


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      Trickle007 I know, right!? The end of all vacays really bites lol I have to say, though, that having the sim room does take some of the sting out. In the past it would be back home and zero golf...


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        It's crazy, you know.On the forums we usually talk about all the best courses in the world, but there are some destinations out there with literally dozens of options in a small area, and they are all (mostly) quality courses and fun to experience at least once


        • mikeingp
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          Out of the ones you played this trip, what was your favourite? Based on layout & conditions, not your game...

        • gnomike
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          mikeingp Favourite would have to be Paiute - Snow course (there are two others ... both supposed to be great as well). The course was tough but well designed. Gave a lot of risk reward options with easier bailout options if your game wasn't in great shape. I don't mind the occasional forced tough shot, but some courses beat you up too often. Not this one. On top of the good design, the greens were so pure, even in the winter. Faster than I'd like to play all the time, but a fun challenge. Gorgeous facility overall and great staff.

          Runner up would be the two courses at Primm Valley. They were both a great treat. Again, they were well thought out and lots of riskier & safer options. Fun elevation changes too. Overall really good conditions.

          A final shout out to Vegas' first ever course... the Las Vegas GC was the first ever course there and is a fun municipal course. This is the course to play your first day. Easy. Never lose a ball because you can see everything all over LOL. The design is super simplistic by today's standards, but it's cool because you're playing where old greats like Arnold Palmer played back in the 60s. Nostalgic
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        gnomike Never believe in Golf destinations until last year. As you know Junior and I went to Myrtle Beach, SC for a week.

        OMG I can't wait to go back this summer.


        • gnomike
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          Myrtle is a destination I really want to get to!!

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        We went to Vegas a year and a half ago on our annual golf weekend. I wish we could have stayed a bit longer to play some more courses that you did . We ended up playing all three courses at Paiute LV. That Snow course was definitely my favorite out of the three, though the Wolf gets a lot of love for the island green. We were also coming from the Vancouver area and sure did notice the extra ball carry you get golfing in the desert. The wind was howling on our 3rd day there though, which made it a rough day with my high ball flight. The Proshop guys were saying we were lucky to get our first two days there with barely any wind.


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          TheBaron It was windy when I played, but not as bad as you had it. Fun. My afternoon round at Primm Valley was 30-40mph winds with higher gusts.... now THAT was interesting lol