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fitting used shaft in new adapter

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  • fitting used shaft in new adapter

    when you buy a used shaft and the prep area on the shaft is larger than the new adapter for new driver. What do you do with the exposed prepped area outside of the new adapter. Does it make the shaft weaker?

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    Golfer1204 - I have two questions, A) is the tip diameter of the used shaft the correct size for the adapter you are using? B) is it simply residue from left over epoxy that was still on the shaft?. Keep in mind both the tip of the shaft as well as the new adapter must be prepped. Typically, majority of all driver shafts are .335. Do you have a .350 or even .370 tipped shaft? If you can remove the grip the sticker may provide you the specs on the tip size.

    And Yes - if you sand down a shaft that is meant for a larger adapter to fit in the smaller one, you will very much weaken the tip structure. I would not advise to do it but that is me.


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      So the shaft are the same tip diameter. The example is: I can get a shaft I really want that has a titleist tip adapter on it. When you put the adapter off, the prep area is an 1.5 inches. I was to put it in a pxg adapter. Well the pxg adapter dept is 1.25, so .25 of prep shaft will be exposed.
      The pxg shaft has a ferrule built on it.


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        So you are trying to hid the prep marks from the Titleist adapter to go into the PXG Adapter? I do one of two things, I will cut the 1/4 inch as I don't believe that will change the tip characteristics unless it may have been tipped already. The other thing I have done is prepped the 1/4 inch showing and just painted it with black enamel or the color of the shaft. From 45" above how much are you really going to notice it.