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New Optishot Ball Flight Series with Photo coming soon???

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    P3 Proswings Launch Monitor and Pad looks really enticing. Especially since it's only $1500 if you have a pad. That would put them right around $2500 for pad and LM. I know when I used it it worked pretty well. That's a lot of analytics for that price point. Thoughts?


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      I also put my name in, and received a call the next day from Trevor at Optishot. When he mentioned it would be offered in the $6K region, I was taken back. Had to tell Trevor that there is no way my wife would let me spend that kind of money on a hobby. It's too bad. I was really hoping for something like the Optishot3 with real ball tracking in the sub $1k range. I would love to see a refresh on the software too. Looks like they are going high end on this one.


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        @OptiShotGolf posted a gif of this recently. It's tough to see much of anything, but it does look like the software is different, although it may just be a testing version for the devs.


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          It's been released. From Website:

          Introducing the industry's most intuitive golf simulator. Offering trio tracking technology using camera, radar, and IR, BallFlight boasts the best in course play and analytics.

          Portable, responsive, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it's the perfect blend of training and entertainment.

          What does it do:
          • Industry's Only TRIO-TRACKING Technology
          • Total Distance
          • Carry Distance
          • Ball Speed
          • Backspin
          • Distance
          • Vertical Launch Angle
          • Horizontal Launch Angle
          • Club Speed

          • Indoor / Outdoor Use
          • Full Course Play
          • Driving Range
          • Stroke Play and Putting
          • Portable with Battery (4 hr charge)
          • USB Data Source
          • Infrared Camera Trigger
          • Radar Club Data
          • Camera Technology

          What Is Included:
          • Course Software (Download, included at no extra charge)
          • Carrying Case
          • Golf Ball Marker Tool
          • USB Connection Cable (Requires USB3.0)
          • Screw-Adjustable Legs


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            Pretty steep price since it's only giving you club head speed and included course play over a skytrak. Will be interesting to see the reviews. Wonder if it will give more clubhead data later on?


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              Yea, if you get the skytrak with E6 and all the expansions you'll probably crest $6k, but it's probably tough to do otherwise. I'm also interested to see reviews and video. My big questions are: Is this still the optishot 2 software with just different hardware to create inputs? What's the ball marker tool, metal stickers like the flightscope mevo? I'm concerned that it says it uses IR and can be used outdoors. I think there's a big ball of fire in the sky that may create some IR pollution. If it's accuracy is closer to the more expensive units than skytrak, then it might be viable, but we'll see.


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                I wonder if it does side spin or axis tilt? Specs do not say that and I assume that is needed to measure hooks/draws and slices/fades?


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                  I was hoping this would be closer to $4,000 something in between Skytrak and GC2. I don’t see how they can compete against the GC2 at the same price point even if it has club data.


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                    I wouldn’t say club head speed really counts as club data. It’s only one measured point, and probably not one of the more important ones.


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                      The fact that it needs a USB3.0 connection implies that it is sending lots of data. So it is almost certainly sending images to the computer and having it do the processing, which is going to have a delay to see the ball flight. Skytrak has had a big head start on optimizing image analysis, so it will probably have a longer delay than skytrak. Gc2 reduces delay by doing the processing in the unit instead of the computer. I don't see how they could omit spin axis as that would mean every shot goes straight where it started. It will be interesting to see some video reviews though.


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                        So no club data except club speed for $6k?
                        what are these companies even thinking at this point? It's like they act like the skytrak and GC2 don't even exist. You can pick up any club attachment accessory on eBay for $100 and get reasonably decent club data if you don't need it built in a LM. Somethings gotta be missing here


                        • wbond
                          wbond commented
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                          Totally agree. I swear the people at these companies seem to live under a rock or something. Just look at the pricing for software that's available on ST some of them don't even make any sense when comparing them. Then look at the prices for the sim hardware and what they do. I just don't see how anyone would purchase this at this price. If you have 6k, get a GC2 and be done.

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                        While I think everyone's speculation is reasonable, let's keep in mind that this is a smart company that created a nice product at a great price point. Is the OS2 the Cadillac of Golf Simulators? No of course not. But it delivers on it's promises and and has been well supported over the years. I suspect many virtual golfers started off with an Optishot 2 before moving on to whatever they're using now.

                        The fact that they've entered the LM market fully aware of all the established players means they probably know what they're doing. I fully expect this to be a superior product to anything at or below this price point.

                        So let's give them the benefit of the doubt before we jump to any conclusions. Their website doesn't have any technical specs or PC requirements, doesn't speak as to whether there's a mobile app, doesn't specify PC & Mac compatibility... etc. Even though you can 'add to cart' now, chances are you can't actually buy it yet. Let's see what they come up with in the coming days and weeks.


                        • Jwheels9876
                          Jwheels9876 commented
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                          Well they're jumping from a $300 machine to a $6000 machine. The expectations are a bit different obviously.
                          And at that price point they are equal to a new GC2. Tough competition

                        • mikejuly
                          mikejuly commented
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                          I'm not trying to start any arguments - but I've seen a lot of comments that are critical of the company's decision to enter this market without any real information.

                          The GC2 has been around for eight years now and while it's certainly still a viable product, it isn't top of the line; it's just the best product in the marketplace at it's price point. Hell, it isn't even the most advanced product offered from Foresight.

                          But it's presence in the marketplace disrupted the industry and forced competing (superior) products to adjust pricing strategies as the GC2 gained marketshare:

                          The Ball Flight product could (and very well should) be a superior technology at a similar price point. It'll probably be a while before we know how this is going to affect the LM industry.

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                        Looks like it’s now available still don’t not see anyone jumping for it though. 6k for a skytrak with club head speed. It does include some software and the best accessory a ball marking tool


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                          As consumers I am all for having more competition. I started out with optishot before moving on to skytrak. The optishot was well designed for what it offered and offer great customer support and customer service.

                          I really hope there ball flight machine is accurate and can give the GC2 a serious run for its money.


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                            I just saw a video of the optishot tracker in action. It's a lot smaller than I pictured from the photos I looked at. It's about the size of a kids lunch box. The video is show new software as well. Looks promising. Hopefully they can re-package the tech to make it affordable to the masses.