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Slow driver - Optishot

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  • Slow driver - Optishot

    I can't eliminate slow driver swing speeds. About 50% of the time my Optishot unit with Jagmanjoe thick turf only registers 77 - 80 mph club speed when it should be 95+ mph. I've done everything people say: fluorescent lighting, tape the club, tee it low, calibrate club, etc and I still cannot get consistently accurate results. Am I the only one that has struggled this much trying to get it right? What else can I do? Dave

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    Is their a boost option you can try?


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      Nope, i've found the same thing with driver and the jagman joe cover. The club is much higher from the sensors than vs the mat that the hardware was designed with. Maybe try a more reflective tape.


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        It has to be lighting/shadows. What does everyone else do for lighting? Lights right over sensors? One light overhead? LED lights? CFL lights? One over each sensor? Dim room lighting? Also what is best way to tape club? I've been using black hockey tape over entire bottom with a 1/3'' x 3" strip of white electrical tape about 1/2 inch behind the leading edge of the club. Silver reflective tape didn't seem as good but I can try that again if others have had luck with that. Should the small line of tape be short or long? Should it be right at the edge of the club or set back a bit? I'm tempted to paint the bottom of the club so I don't have to always re-tape that part. Its by back up driver anyways.


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          It's been a while since I messed with the software but I'm pretty sure you can increase swing speed for individual clubs. If your getting consistent numbers but they are low, just bump it up a bit. As far as lighting, I had best results with all light off except for the projector and a desk type lamp with LED lighting set off to the side about 4' up and all clubs taped. I pretty much taped my driver as you say you have.