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Congrats to @Jard (NET) and @ecarl97 & @Randy (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - TGC Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - Tour Championship with 3 rounds at East Lake Simulator #1 :
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Optishot Par 3 Mini-Tour: Any Interest?

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  • Optishot Par 3 Mini-Tour: Any Interest?

    First off, I'm so grateful for this forum and the community that has sprung from it. Even though I don't post here every day, I do read the forums several times a day, and it's just one of my favorite places to be online.

    I wanted to see if any interest existed to start an Par 3 league on the Optishot platform. This would be a very simple league to cast the widest net for players that we could, even for players that might be in other leagues.

    My original thoughts:

    -- League runs May to August
    -- Two events per month
    -- Nine holes per event (yes, that's short)
    -- Variable putting settings (auto-putt, 12-ft/6-ft gimmes, hole out)

    We would tier it among the hardcore players (recording/streaming their rounds, adherence to club settings) and the more casual folks that would simply post their scores.

    The playoffs would be in August. Event winners (May to July) get in automatically. Wild cards would be determined by a mix of best finishes and participation.

    This league would work to establish a presence on social media, through twitter, twitch and youtube. This would include, off the top of my head, screencaps of great scores and a post-event highlight show.

    We would have a presenting sponsor that would help fund prizes (probably t shirts) for the champions and whatever players make every event.

    This league would work to create room for EVERY person that wanted to play, even if only for one event.

    So...does this float your boat? Would you be interested in playing under this format? Would you play if one.or two of these premises were changed? Would love to hear some thoughts either way from this great community.

    Thank you.

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    I'm sure there are golfers over in the other forum that would be interested. Unfortunately, my garage gets way to warm/hot for me to play during the summer months.


    • wbond
      wbond commented
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      Do you have a window that you could throw an AC unit in? That's what I do, takes about 15 mins or so to get it to cool off. Just a thought.

    • PUNTE
      PUNTE commented
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      Bray, do you have any thoughts on the format? Would really enjoy your feedback.

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    A par 3 mini tour. Sounds interesting and kind of fun to have quick 9 hole game every couple of weeks. I already part of the current mini-tour and had great fun with it. I'm looking forward to the Valero Texas Open.