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Congrats to @graham camm (NET) and @Joe_S (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2021 WINTER TOUR - Sony Open in Hawaii !

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B Flight of Optishot Tour Tournament has 6 golfers EVEN or Better???

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  • B Flight of Optishot Tour Tournament has 6 golfers EVEN or Better???

    Just curious if anyone else has noticed how the Optishot Tour tournament scores are INCREDIBLY inaccurate. The B Flight which has handicap of 7.5 or worse has 6 golfers at EVEN par or better. WTF?? The leader shot 70, 67. One golfer who is a 28 handicap shot a 69. In the A Flight the top golfer is -21 under par (64, 55) and is said to be a 11 handicap. Really??

    Is there a cheat code or something? It is no fun to play. If it wasn't for the extra courses and peer to peer games I would demand my money back. Just had to rant.

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    I am having same trouble so unrealistic I am new to optishot but I wish i never brought the mini tour as the b tournament is a complete joke none of my clubs go over 165 yards only drivers witch I don't use in my simulator I can get wedge 100 yards tho. Its like all the swing speeds have come down . Can anyone please post rules or swing speed and rules for B tournament as it works completely fine in open tournament but completely unrealistic on the B tournament. So confused 😕 . Bloomz .


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      Well, I played some tournaments and I got handicap 5.6 (handicap 15 in real life). Some of my drives go to the fairway more often than real and shots that are not pure hit go far as if the, were pure.
      Additionally, approach shots stops very fast on the green so when I approach (I'm good at short game) I put the ball near a gimmie.

      Maybe some buddies are using the % to get in optishot their 300 yard carry drives they hit in the driving range...


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        Sad to hear this....was gonna join the mini tour but if this is the way it runs ? Maybe not


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          Been at this for a little over a month. The scores are unrealistic, but it should be considered just a game. You will get out of this game essentially what you put into it. Seeing as I cannot get optishot to pick up the driver, the 3 wood, or the hybrids I have mapped the 4 iron to these clubs. That's not real, that's a game. Next if you are willing to really dial in your clubs with the available settings you get your scores pretty low. Putting takes significant imagination but it works pretty good. Its just a game, no prize for the winner, it's random draw. I like this game as it keeps me swinging the club with a purpose.

          Seeing as I can hit 4 iron 250 yards out of the heavy rough, that's not real. I never hit it fat or thin, that's not real, I have a remarkable short game, that's not real, better than JT out of the bunkers, that's not real.

          So rather than looking for realistic, play it more like a game and enjoy yourself. I find the tinkering with settings to be fun.

          I play with no ball as well, not worth it to wreck the unit or put wear and tear on my clubs IMHO.