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Opti Shot 2 Putting Distances & Markers

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  • Opti Shot 2 Putting Distances & Markers

    Hello, this is my first post so I apologize if it's already been asked.

    I have setup a simulator in my garage.

    My question is this....

    Most golf simulators have markings on the floor for the actual putting distance in the game. For example every 2 feet marked on the floor is 10 feet in the game.

    For OptiShot 2... How do I measure this and then physically mark it on the floor? I have fake turf laid down all the way to the screen. Any ideas on how to make putting more enjoyable and have visual dots on the floor?

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    96 views and no one can help?
    Putting on the Optishot is tough! sometime you can tap it and the ball flies across the green, other times you can nail it and it only goes a few feet.
    My net is about 8 feet in front of the swing pad, but if I put to it, the swing pad reads it as rolling about 12 feet...
    It's trial and error. Try getting on the green and practice the same distance shot over and over. Soon, you'll know how far to mark your garage floor. BUT...if you start playing in the different Peer to Peer or tourney's all the settings are different. So your mark at 5 feet is good for your game, but not Joe Snuffy's online settings. (Make sense?)
    I prefer to use the auto gimme with a 5 foot radius.


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      Oh my gosh yeah. Putting is tricky, and tricky is the best word for it. If you have a good simulator set up such that scales and dimensions are proportional between the simulation and real-world vantage points, putting should be pretty natural and realistic. This is kind of the way I play. My simulation screen is very close up via a widescreen projector giving a perspective point of view that shows a pretty realistic image of the green in perspective. With that, it's still quite difficult because of the way the green geometry is presented to the user. I can't tell you how many times I've missed a putt by an inch. In that sense, it realistically simulates how I do on a real course. However, given the graphics, it is hard to read the greens.

      With that said there are some videos on YouTube which show how to putt on the Optishot, and show how to read the greens. They are worth watching.