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S.O.S. - Are straight shots possible on Optishot?

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  • S.O.S. - Are straight shots possible on Optishot?

    Hey guys... really hoping someone can help me out. Let me give you an idea of what I’ve done so far.

    I’ve got the Jagmanjoe turf so it’s a higher turf but I have it leveled out with my stance on my platform .
    • I have calibrated each of my clubs.
    • I have taped the bottom of my irons with white tape and calibrated each on the driving range.
    • I have two LED lamps. One for each sensor. It’s either a strong duck hook left or a slice.
    • In order for me to hit it down the fairway, I have to open my club face when I swing and basically blade the ball into my hitting screen. I feel it’s changing my swing when I don’t feel it’s necessary.
    • I usually shoot in the 70’s and when I have a solid ball strike that feels good, it’s going either left or right without fail.
    • I’ve tried different ball placement on the mat between sensors and it’s still super inconsistent.
    Anything else that I’m missing in the settings? I get that it’s not 100% accurate but I at least thought it’d be 5-10% accurate. Really had a poor experience. Hate to be dramatic here but I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Really hoping for some guidance and advice. Thanks for your help!

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    This reply won't help you fix anything, it will only help you realize you're not taking crazy pills. I have experienced everything you have including all of the frustration. I've tried absolutely everything to help with accuracy but I've finally come to the realization that this is what the Optishot is. I can finally play a full round with (for the most part) close to 80% accuracy, or so. The most frustrating shots are the Driver shots that hook or slice over 200 yards one way or the other.

    I have learned to just deal with it. It's a $500 simulator and there is a reason it's so inexpensive. It is what it is. I still enjoy it for the most part.

    Another thing that really bothers me is when I play real golf now I have some issues I've never had before and I think some of it relates to the Optishot. Hopefully those issues go away soon.

    After a few weeks with the Optishot and reading and watching videos on other products (thank you a98cr125) I ordered a Mevo+ and I can't wait for it to arrive so I can set up TGC2019 and E6 and stop hitting off of that stupid pad. I can't stand that thing.

    The Optishot and the price point is what inspired me to build my sim so I'm grateful for that but I can't wait to move on.
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      I can echo JayJo's sentiment. My first experience in the sim world was with an optishot2. I tried about a dozen different types of tape, different lamps, and calibrated until I was blue in the face. I could never find any sort of accuracy with either the distances or the direction.

      After maybe 6 weeks of mostly frustration I sold it and bought a skytrak and it was the best money I've ever spent. I know some people are able to make optishots work somehow, but it seems to be the minority of users.

      If you've already tried everything that you have with no success, it's doubtful you'll ever be happy with it. My advice is to sell it and buy a skytrak or mevo+. I don't know about mevo but I know skytrak has a financing option where you can make interest-free monthly payments on it. Each of these units will offer a far better experience and are more than worth the investment.

      The optishot just is what it is.


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        I feel your frustration and have had some of the same issues when hitting a driver but it has really helped me with my irons. I focus mostly on my Irons and rarely play a full round.I look at Club face and Swing path. I think you may be expecting too much from the Optishot. It is a $300 machine that only tracks the ball and calculates your ballflight. It is not going to be super accurate but i do think it gives a good reading of what your club is doing. If you are regularly shooting in the 70's I think you will want to spend the $2000+ to get the Skytrak or Mevo+ and the more accurate simulators. Couple of things that I have done that I found to work if calibration does not is to adjust the offset of each club instead.This has helped with extreme shots. Also Optishot does a poor job with steep swings...if you have a steep swing this may be causing your issues. I like the Optishot for what it is...a $300 simulator but it is not for everyone. I have done a ton of videos on some of the budget simulators if you want to take a look: Good luck.


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          I have had my Optishot for a month and can only get a straight shot if I swing centered over the last two sensors out past the tee. My club doesn't even contact the ball but is shown on plane, center contact with open/closed of +/- 1 degree. Any shot that contacts the ball is described as extreme toe contact. I feel, like others, that this is going to effect my game in a bad way when I get out in the spring. On the actual course I usually drive 225 yds and less than 10 yrs off center.