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Help Optishot 2 Won't Play On Any TV

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  • Help Optishot 2 Won't Play On Any TV

    I am hoping that someone can help me. My Optishot plays fine from my laptop, but when I hook my computer up to any flatscreen in my house it won't play. It won't even come up. I updated my video card and the same thing happened still. If I pull the Optishot up first and the plug the TV after, I can get it to show up in the corner of my tv. Has any one else dealt with this? Thank you.

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    I have not tried to put my Optishot on my tv. I use a projector to show it on my impact screen. With that said are you using an HDMI port on your TV? Is the TV 4K? I know some have had problems with 4K. It seems to me it has to do with your TV but I don't know for sure. I do a ton of youtube videos about setting up the Optishot just haven't done one on this...keep me posted.


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      Does this happen only with Optishot? If possible, try using the TV as your primary monitor before you open Optishot. Then use the settings to turn off the laptop screen to reduce the load on your video card. Not sure if this will work for you as it sounds like a computer issue and not an Optishot issue. A lot of this depends on your video card capabilities. good luck!