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Optishot Swing Challenges - Improving my swing

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  • Optishot Swing Challenges - Improving my swing

    Hey everyone...I have started an Optishot Swing Challenge Series to help me get motivated to improve my swing. Each week I will post a different challenge and there will be goals set that can help motivate. Here is the first video:

    You can also see and get more info on the swing challenges at Golfallyear.

    Enjoy and have fun!

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    New Challenge posted:


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      Hi Dean. I just wanted to mention something about the Optishot I've learned that could be effecting some people without them realizing it. Optishot is actually really really good with several measurements. Head speed, face angle, ball strike position, inside-vs-out motion. All from two rows of infrared LED emitter/receptors. Basically there are two small *light curtains* that the club swings through separated by about 8 inches. The two rows are the entrance line and the exit line with the tee in the middle. What I have found is the entrance line measures and triggers swing-path (inside-out, outside-in, heal-toe-center) in combination with exit. Primarily the entrance LEDs are the trigger to measure the exit path LEDs. The exit path LEDs measure the face angle and ball strike location. (The outlier is putting, which seems to only use the exit line for club face squareness).

      So if you want really good iron practice with the Optishot, place the ball about 1 to 1-1/2 inches behind the exit-line and try to get the leading edge of your club parallel with the exit 'curtain'. Same with the driver and woods. The clubface flat at the exit curtain with a degree or 2 will get you a straight shot nearly every time.

      As a tip for new Optishot folks, do get a good thick mat so you can divot without destroying your Optishot on your irons. It only takes one really bad swing to bury an iron into the LEDs, and life lesson, I'm on my 3rd one.

      Anyway, Optishot is a very accurate device when you get it set up correctly.


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        Chuck...I love this post. I agree Optishot is great at face angle, swing path. I also think it does a good job with tempo (if you know what the numbers mean ).Your description of how the Optishot reads your shot is right on and I need to do a video illustrating it. The idea of getting the leading edge square to the front edge may be a good drill to work on. I really only focus on clubface angle, swing path, tempo and center contact when using the Optishot.

        Do you think that because the front sensor is 1 inch in front of the ball that it is not getting the face angle directly "at" impact? Should we be adjusting the Optishot to make up for that 1 inch? If we wanted to get the face square directly "at" impact shouldn't we be moving the ball as close to the front sensor as possible (the back sensor would still get a good reading on swing path).? Do you think center contact is accurate? I need to really do some tests with the ball forward and the ball back on the swing pad.

        Yes for sure get the thicker turf. Here is a video on why?

        Thanks for the post...that really helped me think Optishot and how to improve accuracy.