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Congrats to @orkie (NET) and @Joe_S (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2020 SUMMER TOUR - WGC-FedEx St. Jude!

Join this weeks TGC1 2020 SUMMER TOUR - PGA Championship Tournament with 3 rounds at Pine Valley (Protee Blue Tees):
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Optishot Survey - New Game Types

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  • Optishot Survey - New Game Types

    Just a note that I received today and filled out a survey from Optishot asking for level of interest in periodic challenges with betting options. Some including betting on yourself on how close you can get to the pin, along with trying to best a golf pro.

    It sounds awesome to me. I have largely switched to the RMotion but would definitely use the Opti more if they implemented these type of things. Sounds like a great moneymaker for them too.

    All as an FYI as you should get the survey as well.

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    I just took the survey (wouldn't let me copy or click anything to get the discount though) so disappointed in Optishot. I love my Optishot and I think it is great for hitting balls and getting club face angle and swing path but they are really scrambling to try to find a way to make money. They already charge for the Mini ($50) and Pro Tour ($100) and you can already win a free amazon gift card and see your results. Now they want me to bet so they can get more of my money.

    They first tried to move away from the Optishot 2 to promote a $6000 simulator in the Optishot Ball Flight which I still don't have not seen anyone that has bought it and done a review on it. Then they tried to promote a $18 month Optishot Academy to train you in which all the videos were online anyway and now this scheme.

    Besides the fact that it is extremely difficult to get the ball inside 15 or beat a pro....All they would have to do is manipulate the calculations so that you do not win. They have control over the software and the calculations. This is a club tracking system and has no idea what the ball is doing. This is how poker got banned...the controlled the software...the employees were in on it...I can see it now, how you give them the entry fee, they take a cut and an employee or friend wins the pot. Too easy to rig.

    You get 3 shots for $10 to try to get it within 15 feet. The problem is they don't tell you how far away the shot will be hit from. For example Rory leads the tour from 125-150 yards ( and is 18.2 feet away on average. From 150-175 the average is 23 feet away ( Fake money would be fun but if they expect me to bet real $ on a thing that can be rigged and manipulated....NO THANKS. Optishot is a great tool to get better but I would not be betting on this software. Make Optishot 2 better that is how they can make money. Just my 2 cents from a long time Optishot user.