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Definitive Driver Tape Thread?

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  • Definitive Driver Tape Thread?

    Do we have a definitive answer yet on the proper way to get a driver to be read/calibrated? I know many have mentioned reflective tape, but do we have an answer as the best way to tape it? Is it along the bottom? Club face? Along bottom then wrapping up to club face? I've seen others tape the driver black and then add a couple strips of white or reflective tape.

    I thought it might be helpful if we could figure out what works the best for future posters.

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    I taped my driver all black and added a small strip of white tape. I didn't calibrated the club, but I adjusted it. Calibrating caused fault and awful misreads.


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      I also covered the bottom with black tape and then added a strip of white near the face of the club. Has been working well for me for quite a while now. I don't believe I calibrated mine either though. I do believe it is important to cover the whole bottom with the black tape though.


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        Can someone post a picture of how exactly they tape their clubs?

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        Thanks for the replies.

        I used the Gaffer Tape method with a strip of white tape. Seems to be an improvement!


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          I use a Taylormade Aeroburner and was getting readings all over the place. I used black hockey tape and started at the back of the driver and worked my way forward so the seams overlap against the swing. I used white 3M plastic tape and now it works great. 1 in 15 swings gives a bad reading.

          Tried different lighting and it had zero effect on aything. I also had to tape my 3 wood and putter. Everything else reads pretty well (within the system parameters ie. Can't read fat or thin shots).

          After taping I calibrated the club using a long lag putt stroke. May still get the "can't calibrate club" message, but I just hit accept and seems to be pretty good after that.
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