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Congrats to @Joe_S (NET) and @Joe_S (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2021 WINTER TOUR - ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am !

Join this weeks TGC1 2021 WINTERTOUR - The Genesis Open playing 2 rounds at Oakmont Country Club (ProTee Green) - 6836y:
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Build your own budget "golfboard" thing.

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  • Build your own budget "golfboard" thing.

    Video with 260lb rider:

    $200 Chinese off-road hoverboard + golf pull cart + scrap metal
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    I have made 18 holes easy (more than 20% remaining on the battery) on a flat course. I have also rigged up a way to charge it while waiting between holes. When using my charger between holes (while waiting), I had about 50% battery power on the same course left at the end. Keep in mind this was on a flat course but it was also 5 'Celsius those days. On a warmer day the battery should last further. The cart was easy to build. I could send some pictures of how it was built if anyone is interested.


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      Have you let other people try it? What'd they think? More than half the people that tried mine thought it was dangerous.


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        ^^^ I have let others try it and they found it easy and simple to use - and safe. With what I did, a person doesnt stand on the segway but rather stands on top of a platform above t. To steer you use a handle bar attached on the segway so that the handle controls all direction of travel. It is very stable. The only negative thing I heard was that you are standing a little higher off the ground which feels a little less stable.


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          I bought two of these last fall for my wife and I after we rented golf boards at golf course and really enjoyed it.

          Cost was about $1400 each including shipping to US address. Much better than the $5000+ for a true golf board. The drive train seems to be really well made but the plastic body pieces require some adjusting.

          The batteries last 18 holes easily in a reasonably up and down course. I haven't taken them to a super hilly course yet, but judging by the battery usage I think they will go 18.

          They have two speed levels and we use low speed all the time. I've got a death wobble on the high speed setting and crashed. Not too fun...