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4PC Kirkland Balls are Back

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  • 4PC Kirkland Balls are Back

    Just an FYI, Costco just put up the 4 piece urethane balls again. Looks like a different dimple pattern vs the OG. $30 for two dozen.

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    I think this is an Online only kinda of deal though am I right? I loved those balls! They were right up there with the Pro V1's


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      Thank you for the info! I just ordered it. Always wanted to try them but missed out on them before.


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        Really excited to hear this. The 3-piece balls from Kirkland's have too much spin on the driver for me.


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          I still have about 4 dozen of the OG 4pc ball and ordered 4 of the new 4pc so will be interesting to see how comparable they are. I also did not like the 3 pc ball, but it was really durable for the sim. I ended up just giving them to one of my kids who just started playing, he loses them at a pretty high rate.


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            old 4 piece... 360 dimples, new one... 338. unfortunately we dont get them at costco in australia, so ill wait to hear from you all and read reviews before i source them online!


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              And they're gone!!!


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                How is this for customer service. If you kept them, they refunded the money with no need to return. Since i still have a stash of the original I just returned mine and got the following email.

                Our records show that you recently returned the Kirkland Signature 4-piece Golf Balls (Item #1250052) that were purchased through

                Feedback we received since the item went on sale shows that some of the balls do not meet the high standards that are expected for the Kirkland Signature brand.

                In consideration of the inconvenience caused to you, we are sending an additional credit in the form of a Costco Shop Card in the amount of $29.99 (for each package purchased) to the ship-to address on your order.

                Please accept our apologies, and thank you for your continued support.


                Tim Farmer

                VP/GMM Merchandising

                Costco Wholesale


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                  Yeah I bought 2 cases and got a full refund. Wonder what the issue was with the new balls?


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                    The going theory is that the cover on some of them was not bonded appropriately to the rest of the layers leading to cuts with wedges. Kind of like the old balatas. It appeared to be hit and miss. Costco steps up and makes everyone happy!


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                      After reading the reviews I would be worried about playing these on the simulator. Last thing I want is a sharp edge of the cover spinning rapidly into the impact screen. Oh well free golf balls =)


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                        Sounds like the manufacturer they used was a third tier manufacturer vs top tier when they first came out.


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                          Check out for more info