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Durable sim ball?

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  • Durable sim ball?

    Probably been covered 100 times, but I’m looking for suggestions on what ball to use inside.

    I’ve been using Bridgestone E6 for years, but they seem to cut up much more than they used to. With sharp wedges, I’m sometimes having to get a new one every few holes. I don’t want any burrs or unsmooth bits scratching up my screen.

    I bought some Kirkland balls from Costco yesterday thinking they were a decent ball at low cost. Out of the 24 pack, there are only 4 that don’t have a rough part on them!

    On the course, I use Pro V1’s - but they’ve always got sponsors on them. I don’t really want to pay £4 a ball for them - as I often get boxes of them from customers for nothing! I’ve been led to believe that sponsor / graphics will rub off on my screen, and to avoid.

    I’m looking for a mid range ball that plays reasonable - but doesn’t get cut up after a few wedges. Any suggestions on what I should order?

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    Par2pro suggests using Srixon Zstars... In their testing using ProV1s significantly reduced the life of their impact screens... I use ZStars and Bridgestone BXS, both are VERY durable


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      I believe is having a 2-for-1 sale on Z-stars right now. Not just a good indoor ball but also a good outdoor ball too.


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        Thanks... is that Z Star, or Z Star XV?
        I’ll get a box ordered and see how I get on with them.

        Played on the course with the Kirkland Signature balls this weekend, and really liked them. Good ball for the price.


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          It comes downpdown to whether you like a firmer feeling ball (XV) or a softer feeling ball (Z Star)... Both have the same durable cover.. I prefer the regular Z Star... Its definitely a tour quality ball


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            For durability I find the Kirklands are best option in simulator. They take a beating and after they’re finally worn I throw them in my golf bag as “throw away balls”. I’ve never cracked or broken one nor really scuffed one. Eventually they just appear worn.

            I find they spin too much with wedges on full shots on the course but given mats tend to knock a bit of spin off I find the numbers pretty good.

            I play Pro-v1s on the course mostly but they crack for me pretty fast in simulator.


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              I find the yellow prov’s to be pretty durable. Don’t the Srixon’s have the spin skin tech? I was always worried what effect that might have the durability of my screen.


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                Maxfli tour and tourx are solid balls for your $$. High spin and cover is nothing like the kirkland. I've only tested in the matte white. Higher spinning than prov1.