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Drills to stop fading irons.

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  • Drills to stop fading irons.

    I can't stop fading my irons and it's costing me about 10-15 yards of distance from when I hit it straight or draw it.
    I can hit a draw off the Tee so I'm not sure what the issue is where I can't get my club face closed at impact with the irons. I can start the ball left and work it to the green with the fade but when I start it at target it still spins way off line missing the target and if I happen to hit one straight when starting it left I miss way left of target or when it starts straight and doesn't fade I fly the green by 10-15 yards because I'm using the club based on fade yardages. And even when I start it right with an in to out swing, its still spinning right. Its getting annoying at this point because I have no clue how to get the club face squared up. I've tried changing my grip, my stance, etc...etc....

    Any drills out there to help with the issue? I've done a lesson online but this problem needs some hands on attention I think if I can't figure it out by practicing some drills first.

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    I think you could get a lot of different answers as there could be many things causing your problem. Apart from having someone watch you hit (I.e. a teaching pro) Best thing is to take a video and have someone look at that. I think I even saw a post on here a few weeks ago for a virtual teaching pro referral.


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      Making sure your turning your hands over
      Keep the weight on your front foot so you donโ€™t lean back
      Swing around your body not up the Ferris wheel lol
      there are tons of things.
      Best advice is above. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


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        It never hurts to practice swings in very slow motion and check your positions. Without seeing a video, you probably won't get the underlying cause diagnosed. But I'm a fan of putting a club head cover or something parallel to the target line just outside the ball. If you come over the top at all you will hit it. Once you know you are swinging from the inside, you can focus on rotating the knuckles on your left hand down so that they point towards the ground at impact.


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          You might check out TopSpeedGolf .com. A very good video series ($47 unlimited access). They got me hooked with a bunch of free videos. The guy explains every movement, force and momentum, and feel...what you need to do and what just naturally occurs if you do what is needed. Lots of slow-mo detail to show what is happening from the top of the downswing, creating lag, pulling through in a somewhat flat swing (relative to ground) going into impact (to avoid fat and topped shots), squaring the club going into impact (knuckles of the lead hand down), and releasing the lag through the ball.


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            Lots of free videos here:
            TGC Tours:


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              Simple drill for my Juniors, on take away to first parallel (club shaft parallel to floor and butt pointing to target line) feel the club face pointing down to the floor, rather than toe up, this will stop the clubface opening at the top of your swing and stop the feeling of cutting across the ball. Obviously a lot more factors to consider....but give it ago.


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                I'm noticing the shorter I make my backswing, the straighter I'm hitting the ball. Something from the 3 quarter back swing to the top is throwing the clubface open I think. If I swing more to the inside on takeaway and not a full backswing I'm getting almost as much distance and straight to drawing irons. Issue is the swing feels way off to what I'm used to but I'm not getting the fade unless I miss hit the ball with that swing.

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              Since you asked for a drill - One that helped me with the same issue was to do some swings with your feet together. This forces you to focus more on the arms and wrist turns. You can do this with irons or drivers/woods; same drill. Get your same distance away from the ball as you normally wood, put your all the way together, ball right in center, and do full swings. For reference, my drive goes over a 100 yards doing this (I hit about 255-265 normally). Once you start hitting them straight, then go ahead and spread your legs like normal and try a few swings. See if you're back on track.

              Oh, and let me add....the reason this helps is that the timing of your body turn with your arm swings could be off. I was trying to turn too much to get more distance, but it was forcing my timing off (body turning too much before hands and club could get back around to square)
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                Last week hitting a 7 iron on the skytrak. Avg carry probably around 155 with a few higher and a few lower. This was a good day id say hitting the ball. When I'm fading everything it's is probably 144 carry and missing greens 30 feet right and costing me strokes instead of putting I'm chipping back up from the rough. The distance issue stinks because I never know which swing is gonna show up so I'm always second guessing my club selection now.


                • Jwheels9876
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                  For reference I'm getting sidespin of anywhere from 800 to all the way to 1800 on these right turning shots.