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Super speed ?

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  • Super speed ?

    I have been using the planemate with a lot success. I’m hittting my irons the best I have in a long time. I have seen speed increases but could still benefit from increased speed and distance off the tee. I’m interested in super speed but nervous about it developing bad habits that I have recently corrected with planemate. Anybody have experience or input regarding this and possibly it messing up my sequencing? Thanks in advance

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    For me Super Speed accentuated some flaws I had which ultimately caused strain on my body so I stopped.

    I get on my left side too hard and early with a slide so what happened was my slide was getting so hard in to my left going fast my hip got really sore from the “impact”. I also got very armsy (I think because I was straining my lower body so much).

    I’m currently doing lessons to fix the flaws first then I will ultimately likely do Super Speed again but I think it’s important to do the mechanics piece first and more important yet to stop quickly at hint of aggravation (I tried to “work through” discomfort).

    when I start up again I’ll definitely video my super speed sessions to make sure I’m not totally sacrificing technique trying to get fast. I get the point is to swing out of comfort zone but I think for me powerful feels aren’t necessarily fast good mechanics of that makes sense so just going faster isn’t necessarily helping overall.


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      I tried it for a bit and it definitely added speed and i haven't reached those ball speeds again since i stopped. The problem for me was it created a two way miss which i never had to deal with before. I'm now trying to get back to a single direction ball flight.


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        Appreciate the input. Def worried about creating more problems despite more speed. Might hold off for now and consider down the road


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          Just popping in here to share my experience. I've always been a shorter hitter but have lost even more distance in the last few years as my golf playing and practicing has become less frequent. I've been a single digit handicap for a number of years and can break 80 from 6500 yards despite carrying my driver only 225-230. I'm 39 and have no physical limitations so I knew there was no reason I couldn't be hitting it further.

          I got some Golf Galaxy gift cards for Christmas and didn't really need anything else so I decided to buy the Super Speed system. I just finished my 4th week with it and am amazed by the results.

          The day I got it I did a baseline test with a series of drives. Skytrak only calculates swing speed but it measures ball speed. So I've been using ball speed to track my progress. In the baseline test, the max ball speed I reached was 137 (average was about 135).

          4 weeks later with using the Super Speed and I hit 149 ball speed last night and my average ball speed is around 145.

          1 mph of ball speed is equivalent to about 2 yards of carry distance (with all other launch conditions the same). So the 10 mph of average ball speed I've gained has added 20 yards to my carry distance. Before the Super Speed I was flying it about 225-230 in the air. I'm now consistently flying it around 250 with my best swings flying 260+.

          Nothing else has changed. Same golf balls, same driver, same everything. I have not been in the gym since covid hit, so there hasn't been any working out during this experiment either.

          To confirm the results, I went through my recorded TGC tour shots last night and averaged up the ball speed and carry distance for a round that I played right before I got the Super Speed and then again for the round I played last night. The results were:

          Round played right before Super Speed (10 drivers hit) = 134.9 average ball speed and 224.9 average carry distance.

          Round played last night after 4 weeks using Super Speed (12 drivers hit) = 144.9 average ball speed and 249.3 average carry distance.

          So that's an average of 10 mph gain in ball speed and 24 yards of average carry distance gained. Still short compared to most single digits my age, but obviously very pleasing. 24 yards in a month is more than I ever expected. I'm back hitting it about as far as I did several years ago when I was really playing and practicing quite a bit (before marriage, kids and a real job lol).

          What's amazing about the Super Speed is that it's literally a 5-minute workout done every other day. So it's a very small commitment.

          Just sharing my experience in case anyone else has been thinking about doing it. I wish they cost less --- $200 seems a bit steep for what they are. But I'll gladly pay $200 for that kind of distance gain in just 4 weeks. Definitely some of the best money I've ever spent on golf.


          • wbond
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            Have you seen any negative impact to your swing? Now all you need is the autoflex shaft and you'll get another 10-mph ball speed, at least that's what others are saying. I'm contemplating giving this a shot again as I too can use some more mph's. I am about 138-142 now, depending on how bad the face contact is.

          • 3on3putt
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            I have not seen any negative impact whatsoever. In fact, I would argue that I've actually tightened my shot dispersion during all of this (no data to back up that claim, but just my general sense). Launch angle and spin and angle of descent have remained similar, so none of the other launch conditions have changed. Flight path is the same. The only difference is more ball speed.

            I know that I won't continue to gain 20+ yards every month. I'll probably gain fewer in the second month and then eventually plateau. But honestly, even if I never gained another yard from it I would be happy. 24 yards of carry in 4 weeks is beyond what my wildest expectations for this were. I would've been thrilled with an extra 10.
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