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Considering opening a golf sim business - looking for thoughts / advice

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  • Considering opening a golf sim business - looking for thoughts / advice

    Hello all - I've seen this type of topic posted in different sections of this forum so not sure if I have picked the correct spot but here goes! Some advice, feedback, criticism would be greatly appreciated. I live in an area with a population of approx. 100,000 and growing. Golf has always been a popular sport in my region with a good number of courses dotted around the immediate area. The majority of these clubs have membership waiting lists. The catch however is that the climate is generally not conducive to golf - the "golfing months" being confined from April to early October, any golf played outside of these months being a bonus. The weather during the summer months can be unreliable and often hinder the amount of golf played too however. To add to the situation, there are only two driving ranges in the general area, with one being in a prohibitively remote / rural area and the other, well, is just terrible. Long story short, it seems to me that there is healthy demand without the corresponding supply. At present there are other businesses of this type in operation.

    I have read as much as I can about the pros / cons, fallings and successes of other people who have set up golf sim businesses and I fully accept that it is a tough, potentially low margin business. I understand that good standard software / hardware is required to make people want to use the simulators but the its this initial over-capitalization on start up that seems to be a factor making the running of a sustainable business difficult. By the way, I'm relatively confident I can secure an appropriate facility in a decent location with manageable rent.

    Below is the sim package (3 or 4 to start) I would consider installing. I know its nowhere near top of the range but I'm hoping the set-up is good enough to get the business established:

    3m x 2.5m Skytrak Package
    • 3m Simulator Enclosure including framework poles
    • Skytrak Launch Monitor
    • Skytrak Protective Metal Case
    • Side Positioned Projector
    • Thick Floor Turf
    • Quality hitting mat
    • Protective pads for sides, floor and roof poles
    • Bungees to attach all material to framework
    • Pole connections for the framework
    • Touchscreen Monitor
    • PC with hdmi cables & Keyboard/Mouse
    • PC Speaker System
    • 2m Switched Surge Protector
    A package like this installed would cost around €10k or US$12k - I may be able to shop around and bring the price down a little.

    Sorry for the long winded post - I actually tried to keep it as short as possible!


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    I would do a Protee or Trugolf. If you are trying to run a business you are going to want support for righties and lefties alike, and the skytrak/gc2/gcquad make that difficult.


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      This is something I would like to do as well but like the above post. Having a Skytrak/GC2 would be tough for lefties.

      I have played a protee simulator but didn't like what I was hitting off of with holes in the mat for the sensors, etc. Also didn't like the graphics compared to the Golf Club I play on with Skytrak.

      I would like to have a 3 or 4 room set up with simulators and courses to play but it wouldn't make a lot of money unless you sold booze. Don't know how hard that would be to get a liquor license.

      These simulators would be tough to pay off without making some money somewhere else than charging to play.


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        ProTee can use TGC as well..


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          Besides TGC (The Golf Club) it will also run ProTee Golf 2.0, TruGolf E6 and ProTee Play


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            Thanks alot for the replies everyone. I agree Bcalli90 that generating income from the simulators is generally difficult however this problem is compounded when big $$$ is spent on start-up.

            JackedUpSwing I contacted the supplier of the Skytrak package and due to the type of mat involved I was told you just "spin around" to hit from the other side if you are a lefty. See pic of proposed set-up below:


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              That might work pretty good Tony especially if you're doing just a single setup.

              The dream I have is probably way too ridiculous of an investment to have multiple rooms set up like this.