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Game improvement using Protee club data

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  • Game improvement using Protee club data

    I was wondering if any Protee simulator users have had any luck using Protee's golf club data? If so, what are your observations and what data points do you use?

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    Hmmm, no comments. So, let me address the issue this way. Swing speed should be a direct measurement. If we look at driver swing speed, ball speed and smash factor. If I setup the driver to hit it off of the sweet spot as close and possible and hit a drive I can and do end up with a reading showing 101 mph swing speed with 146mph ball speed and a smash factor of 1.46. Now if I setup to hit the ball way off of the heal and make the same swing, I get a swing speed of 81, a ball speed of 122 and a smash factor of 1.50. This info is not unuseful, but it seems to me smash factor should be lower instead of swing speed.


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      So, I take it no one uses Protee club data?


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        I always pay attention to the club data. Path and face are what I mostly focus on, since they're most important irl, and they are usually spot on. I can verify this because I have high def slo mo cameras set up down the line and front on recording/playing back each well as where the ball first hits the screen and where it ends up.

        I also watch club head speed especially with my driver. Unless it's a miss hit it's very consistent too. I can verify that because I have a PRGR (black) radar monitor that I occasionally throw down to watch it at the same time. The readings between it and the Protee are usually within 3mph of each other...and the PRGR has went up against a Trackman and FlightScope successfully.

        As far as smash factor goes I pretty much throw it out the window. Most of the time it seems good, but as you said, with a toe/heel shot it seems over think too much and comes up with bogus numbers. I wonder if the gear effect messes the readings up with a toe/heel shot!?


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          When I had my protee I used the face and path data. It was pretty accurate. That was really what I wanted because i have plenty of speed but really needed to straighten things out. Make sure you review the new ball flight rules if you are not familiar with them. This will help you use the data To make changes


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            I would say ball speed is not bad at all, as is club path.
            As far as face angle is concerned, face angle and ball direction should normally be close, but I have see it over 10 degree different even with reasonably well struck shots. You guys don't see this?
            Smash factor and club speed vary quite a bit depending on strike and the club used.
            The interface has a angle of attack data point, what do you guys think of that measurement?