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ProTee Subscription Vs. Perpetual License explained

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  • ProTee Subscription Vs. Perpetual License explained

    We get a lot of questions about the Subscription vs. Perpetual License purchase options for The Golf Club Simulator.

    Perpetual License
    If you have strong feelings about the fact that you want to own the software you should buy a Perpetual license. The first investment is higher than a Subscription license but you can use the software as long as you wish.

    One time payment. Validity – Perpetual. Entitlement – Software license alone. Email support and updates are included.

    • You own the software
    • Software will never expire
    • Software can be transferred
    • Costs less over time
    • Higher up-front cost
    Renting software on a subscription basis, rather than buying a so-called perpetual license, is the newest model of software purchasing. Instead of paying a large sum up front, you’re billed annually in a contract that you can cancel at the end of a subscription period. When you are on an annual budget the Subscription license would be a better choice because the first investment is smaller than that of a Perpetual license.

    Annual, recurring payment. Validity – 12 months. Entitlement - software license, Email support and updates are included.

    • It’s cash friendly
    • Nothing is owned at the end of the subscription period
    • Software can not be used anymore when you cancel your subscription
    • Software can not be transferred
    • Expensive in the long run
    Subscriptions ("renting") have a lower initial price but cost more over time and stop working if you do not renew. Perpetual Licenses cost more up-front, less over time, and never expire.

    Which is best? The decision is entirely up to you. There is no difference in the functionality of the software for the two licensing methods or the support you get from ProTee.

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    When you say "updates "do you mean lifetime updates? I liken this to the Microsoft office model where you can either pay one time but get stuck in one major revision with only minor updates versus office 365 where you get lifetime of update major and minor.

    If only one offers lifetime updates major and minor that is a significant difference.


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      There a difference between an UPDATE and an UPGRADE. Here is our definition of:

      UPDATE - new functionality, new features, improvements, add-ons and bug fixes on the current software. From version 1.0 upto version 99.0.
      UPGRADE - for example a brand new game engine, like TGC to ProTee Golf 3.0.

      We have never charged for ProTee Golf 2.0 updates since 2001. We have never charged for any TGC updates since its release back in August 2014. ProTee Golf 2.0 customers received TGC as a TOTALLY FREE UPGRADE. Product lifetime UPDATES will always be free.

      However, we can not guarantee a free product UPGRADE path. No body can, as we just do not know what our future product offering will look like. As our history shows, we will always try to provide an UPGRADE for free, and if we really, really, really can't do for free it will be for a very small fee


      • ProTee United
        ProTee United commented
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        Our definition is indeed different, which is in favor of the end user.

        You are right that subscriptions will not have to worry about anything.

      • ProTee United
        ProTee United commented
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        To make it even more clear: All the potential new features which we will try to put into the game over time like full API, Skip Hole, Minimap with distances and camera aim, extra camera views, multiple tees, player lobby, time of day control, games modes, and much much more are all INCLUDED with the UPDATES.

      • Sascha1818
        Sascha1818 commented
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        Perfect. It's good to know that all that is being or will be worked on as well. And since I'm looking for the one time full purchase I'm glad to hear that I will get these updates as well. Way to go Protee. Really like your support and what you are doing for us users. Now I just need to be able to give you my hard earned money lol