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Congrats to @R3dlineR6 (NET) and @Fantastish (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 SPRING TOUR - RBC Canadian Open !

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Will TGC2019 have Pin in option??

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  • Will TGC2019 have Pin in option??

    Should be an option for sure since it is legal now. Would have helped a couple times yesterday when ball was dead center of cup and power right through. The Tour rounds are just incredible. I barely tapped a put in the Sony open, think it read 5.28mph 8 feet from pin with the arrows just barely moving towards the cup, went 17 feet past. Sometimes its almost unplayable. I can't tell if its my system, the game or what. My skytrak dot is little over 7 feet from the screen. on some putts the ball will barely or not even hit the screen but go 15 feet on a flat putting surface in a tour match.

    Then on long 48 foot puts up 2 feet ill smash it and come up 17 feet short. Just never makes since. But Pin in will hopefully be an option!

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    I'd guess an almost 6 mph put with slightly downhill would go way more than 8 feet so it was probably correct in going past the hole.


    • Kenny Zawodny
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      I was 8 feet. It went another 17 feet so 25 feet total. Thats a long way. It was down hill but slightly. The arrows were barely moving.

      Im watching Bob Chungs video he posted of the sony open. We had almost the exact same putts on a couple holes and he ripped the ball and came up short. I had a few holes with slight (couple inches) elevation change and i putted back and forth 4 times or off the green and chip back on. With 5 and 6 mph hour speeds. I couldnt tell what he plays with didnt look like skytrak.

      But again if my ball isnt even hittimg my screen 7 feet away. How is it going 25 feet in the game with only a couple inches elevation drop. 5mph on flat ground will barely get you 8 feet

    • Jwheels9876
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      he has a GC2
      did you fiddle with the green speed and stimp settings? I had to change mine to a lower setting because I also play JNPG and going between them both, I could not get a putt to go in on TGC because the speed was way different between the 2. I lowered the stimp to about an 8 and now I can putt good on both.

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    A Stimp meter launches at 4mph approx. and 10 Stimp goes 10 feet.


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      Putting on any sim is the weakest link,IMHO. I am probably a better than average putter and I find sometimes I do well sim putting, others not. I play on a skytrak at home and also play on a HD Golf uber expensive system at a winter indoor sim league here. Similar putting issues on both, not just with me but guys I play with. Sometimes u just gotta laugh or cuss John r the system, n move on. Not diminishing your concern but remember it's still a game and better than working.


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        Sorry didn't respond to your original post about leaving pin in. Yes I agree this should be an option with rules change but probably not this 2019 version as the gaming version does not have it as far as I know. On putting issue in general set gimme to 6' and keep it short, don't over hit. My best advice