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V-cam color tracking

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  • V-cam color tracking

    In the settings file there is an option to turn grey scale on or off and go to color. Has anyone tried this. I happen to have a color MV ptgrey camera (same as standard protee camera but has color instead of monochrome) that I’m using as h-cam. Unfortunately, there is no option to do this for the h-cam. I am wondering if anyone has tried the color option with a colored ball for the v-cam. With the h-cam it does take colored pics but the value that appears in the cross hairs is still based on monochrome do the ability to differentiate with the offset sliders is actually more difficult.

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    No one has tried this option with a colored ball?
    Any input from protee on this?
    Tracking a colored ball would probably be easier to differentiate from the club.
    I guess I will give it a try but I’d have to switch my cameras around since the color option is only on the vcam.


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      Well I tried it by turning grey scale to false and I didn’t see any change. The pictures are in color but moving the crosshair over the different color objects doesn’t make a difference between the crosshair is still based on greyscale values.


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        Analyzing colored images will take too much time and CPU power. This is why all simulator manufacturers use monochrome cameras.
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