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Spin axis/ side angle

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  • Spin axis/ side angle

    Recently changed my settings on Skytrak to Spin Axis on the range . Can anyone explain to me what this reading is actually telling me I’m doing or not doing , also the same with the “side angle “reading as well please. Any info would be appreciated. Have posted pic taken of one of my shots with readings .

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    Your shot was spinning almost 6,500 rpm slanted at an angle of 16 degrees (spin actually occurs on one axis...I suppose that if you had it on sidespin, instead of spin angle, you would see a sidespin of 6,500 x 16/90 and a vertical backspin of 6,500 minus the sidespin) and you hit it 5 degrees right of the centerline. I am surprised you didn't get more draw in the shot shape.


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      im in no way a great golfer nor do i claim to know this information im bout to say (im im completely wrong change say to spew lol) but i use those numbers as club data myself. when i hit to the right or left i assume side angle to be the path of my club itself, pushing the ball that way (right or left) side spin i equate to club face according to the club path so in your scenario of the pic those results (in my head) would be that the swing path was in to out 5 degrees but yet your club face was closed 16 degrees causing the draw action seen in the photo. anyone with way more knowledge or just better at the game of golf than me feel free to chime in and completely throw my theory in the trash if it so belongs so i can stop thinking it myself haha


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        Cheers for that. So what your saying is that with the back spin which i understand, the ball was spinning on a 16 degree anticlockwise axis hence the right to left ball flight. If the club face at impact was totally straight i gather that axis would be level, 0 degrees producing a straight ball flight?


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          I am surprised you didn't get more draw in the shot shape.
          16 degrees negative spin axis will move the ball about 10 yards left over that distance. 5 degrees positive HLA will move the ball about 8 yards right. With rounding error etc, the 3 yards left is in the ball park.

          For reference, 6 degrees of spin axis curves the ball about 3.5 yards per hundred. For the driver, each degree of difference between face and path leads to an increase of 6 degrees of spin axis. For driver, each dimple (4 mm) off centre strike leads to 6 degrees of spin axis. If you put impact tape on and score a center strike, you can quite accurately calculate the face to path by working backwards from spin axis. Likewise, if there was a way to get Skypro to calculate face to path, we could quite accurately determine impact location on club and put Dr. Scholls out of business.
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            Thanks for everyone’s replies. So my second question is does anyone know what I’m doing to get those sorts of numbers? (Swingwise) , I appreciate you aren’t all swing coaches.


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              The direction that the ball starts (right 5*) is primarily determined by your clubface. The spin axis going left means that your swing path is farther to the right than your club face. So with your numbers, I would say that your club face is pointed around 4* to the right and your swing path is farther to the right than your face. There are lots of things in your swing that can cause an in-to-out path. Normally that is desirable although yours could be toned down. Personally, I would try to minimize your spin axis for a straight ball flight first, then work on club face direction later. If you record your swing and put up a youtube link, you might get some feedback. As the saying goes though, you get what you pay for, and paying for a PGA instructor's time is likely going to be more helpful. There are some instructors who do online lessons where you basically facetime with them while you hit balls. "Shanky Golf" is one that I have seen mentioned quite a bit on here.


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                Thankyou for your reply , all very helpful


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                  So my second question is does anyone know what I’m doing to get those sorts of numbers?
                  First of all we must assume that Skytrak was properly aligned. The second assumption is that you were aiming straight down the target line. The third assumption is that you struck the ball in the middle of the face (huge assumption). The final assumption is that the Skytrak was accurate on HLA (published accuracy is +- 2 degrees).

                  As Andy suggests, the face angle is more important than swing direction in determining HLA. I don't have the numbers for pitching wedge, but I am going to guess 65-35 ratio face vs. path..

                  I am also going to have to guess on face to path required to get 16 degree spin axis for pitching wedge. Extrapolating from driver and 6 iron, I'd have to say 5 degrees negative face to path (face closed to the path).

                  In order to get 5 degrees positive HLA with 5 degrees negative face to path, you'd have to have a path of about 8 degrees positive (in to out).

                  If the assumptions are off then, so are estimates of swing path and face to path. By carefully aligning ST, using alignment aid for aiming, and spraying face with foot spray, we can be more certain about what is happening.

                  If you want to reduce the in to out swing path, the easiest way is to put an object such as an empty ball box left of and behind the ball, and/or right and in front of the ball. Or buy the Speedtrap training aid. Also, just focus on getting the spin axis down.
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                    Does Skytrak have an alignment mode? What's HLA?


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                      Horizontal Launch Angle Align the case with the target line, hit some punch shots until it hits middle of screen and shows 0 HLA.

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                      In other words, the HLA is the direction (left or right) of the ball relative to your target. For zero HLA., the ball goes straight at target.