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Skytrak Shot Height Issue

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  • Skytrak Shot Height Issue

    Received delivery of my Skytrak recently and i've noticed that the height calculated/guessed for each shot is remarkably low compared to real life.

    As an example here's the numbers for the average of 3 gap wedge shots i hit during a recent bag mapping.

    Ball speed: 71mph
    Launch: 31.4
    Back Spin: 8360rpm
    Carry: 81 yards
    Total: 85 yards
    Descent: 49 degrees
    Height: 17 Yards!

    All the irons from 4-gw show a max height of between 15 and 19 yards

    Also the distances seem 20% low, and ball speeds too, but i'm wondering if this is a touch of indoor swing syndrome.

    Has anyone else had this issue, I'm wondering if need to play around more with the alignment or if something in the area is causing a miss read of some kind.

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    Indoor syndrome is a real bugger at first. Some do away with it in a session some it takes a month.
    Make sure you are using good balls, overly worn and cheaper balls won’t spin as much. The spin seems a bit low and that will definitely affect your heights. Your hitting surface can easily pull 1000 rpms off as well. I use a rawhide mat that is similar to a country club elite and I always get 1000 more rpms per club outside on grass. More with wedges less with 4 iron but we are talking 1200 wedges to 800 4iron differences. Some people also swing differently on mats for self preservation reasons as well without even realizing it. I hit so much off mats because of my skytrak I rarely take a divot with anything other than a full wedge now I’m more of a picker.
    I would guess all if not most of these things are having an effect on you, I would give it a few more sessions, get a brand new premium urethane covered ball to try and see if that doesn’t help.

    Also try facing some of the writing on the ball towards the slytrak unit. That will help with it reading spin.


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      Just put the figures through Flightscope and it wouldn't be far off what i'd expect with 10mph more ball speed, this would in turn give a height of around 80' which is more believable. So maybe it's just my indoor swing that's holding me back, It'll give me something to work on.


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        That is a touch low for that ball speed. But not remarkably low. Interesting fact that I am sure most of you already know: Most golfers hit all their clubs to the same max height. From lob wedge to driver.


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          17 yards is about the height of a 5 story building. For a 81 yard carry I think that’s fine.


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            My average GW numbers are (using ChromeSoft)
            ball = 78
            launch = 31
            spin = 9581
            descent = 49
            height = 21
            carry = 89
            roll = -1
            total = 88

            That's not so different from you. HOWEVER I note two things:

            ball type makes a surprisingly large difference to spin and height - check it out. E.g. big difference between supersoft (higher flight, much lower spin) and chromesoft (way more spin, lower flight)

            mat type can also materially affect height (think of how your height varies from different surfaces on the course)


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              Thanks everyone, i suppose i was just expecting it to be bit higher, but i think the contributing factor is the slower ball speed, had the ball speed being where i expect it at around 80mph, then the height would also be where i would expect it too.

              Thanks for the thoughts on the balls, i'll try out a few different balls and see what the comparison is.