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TGC for SkyTrak offset screen

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  • TGC for SkyTrak offset screen

    i just downloaded TGC 2019 and using a SkyTrak. I need to hit off center on my screen. How do you offset the game? It was easy on JNPG but I can’t figure out how to do it. Happy Easter

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    In settings, it’s under camera settings. It’s a bit of trial and error to get the right number.


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      There's an offset control in camera settings?? I have been jumping through all kinds of hoops to make my off center screen play straight. Cool!


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        Is it possible to have the offset adjust when you switch from righty to lefty in game play?


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          Originally posted by Pebblebeach8 View Post
          i just downloaded TGC 2019 and using a SkyTrak. I need to hit off center on my screen. How do you offset the game? It was easy on JNPG but I can’t figure out how to do it. Happy Easter
          Pardon my naivety but what you do you mean "hit off center"? The way I have my sim set up, I believe my ST is aligned perpendicular to the screen as best I can but my ball impact is hitting off center of the screen about 1' to the right.That's because I don't have the swing area behind (behind my back) me to hit the exact center of the screen so I've been forced to move the ST to the right of center on the screen.

          With that said, hitting "off center of the screen" doesn't impact the flight path because the ST is calculating straight vs any side spin to project the flight path of the ball if that makes sense. Now if you're talking the "aiming" part when in TGC2019, that can be done simply by moving the aiming circle with the right/left arrows on the keypad if you want to drive to a certain area on a dogleg for instance. I have no idea what you guys are talking about as far as adjusting the camera settings and I'll check into that in case I'm missing something fundamental here.


          • FaultyClubs
            FaultyClubs commented
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            The offset in tgc is for people who have a physically offset setup (like you do) AND look at the screen to align themselves. In your case if you do that you will be aligned 1 foot to the left for a straight shot and the sky track will record it as a pull.

            One solution for this is to offset tgc one foot to the rightop so tgc matches your physical setup. The other solution is to take you're setup based on aligning to the skytrack and ignore the screen. I have an physical offset hitting area and have tried both ways. I prefer leaving tgc as is and just aiming/aligning to my hitting mat/gc2 (in other words I don't look at the screen when setting up for my shot).

            The aiming reticule in tgc is a different thing. That just adjusts where to aim in tgc. It doesn't address the physical offset issue which requires one of the above two strategies.

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          Dan, I'll have to check to see if moving the "aiming circle" will fix the non-centered screen issue. Maybe, but I think there may be some parallax issues involved.


          • calebm1001
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            The aiming circle will always be centered to the screen. You are only moving your aim point relative to the landing area within the game. To adjust you aiming circle to be straight ahead of your ball set up relative to center, you have to adjust the offset.

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          @ FaultyClubs I'm doing what you suggested in that I align myself with the ST and hit the screen straight on. Like I was trying to explain earlier, I don't think ST cares where on the screen you're hitting (left of center, center or right of center) as long as you're lined up parallel to ST. All my shots hit the screen about 1' right of center but when I watch ball flight from a perfectly straight shot, it starts off on the center line in ST if that makes any sense. I can still see draws and fades depending on ball spin direction.

          It's a bit of a head game to be right of center when hitting but I'm used to that now. I will say it does give me a little tendency to pull shots. I really have to concentrate to make a good swing that doesn't pull the ball off the ST center line.


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              Can you set for both Righty And Lefty offset do it will change automatically during game play. We move SkyTrak to other side of mat when our Lefties hit


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                Will change automatically.


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                  How do you distinguish between right and lefty? Make adjustment for righty and then adjustment for lefty. A little confusing