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Congrats to @Joe_S (GROSS AND NET) winning the TGC 2019 FALL TOUR - Houston Open !

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If SkyTrak Measured...

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  • If SkyTrak Measured...

    If SkyTrak measured clubhead speed and angle of attack, would it make a difference in simulation of flight? Or, are measured ball metrics of speed, spin, spin axis, and launch angle enough for simulation?

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    Ball measurements are all that's required and the most accurate.


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      Theoretically it shouldn't change anything, however from a standpoint of teaching and improvement, angle of attack, clubhead speed, face to path, etc, would help immensely. But thats why systems like GCQuad exist. Skytrak's only real downfall is the clubhead speed estimate from the ball flight... You see some inaccuracies as you start going longer. Its not a massive difference but for the guys here that are really keyed into their game and a 5-8 yard discrepancy could make it or break it for them, this tends to be the largest gripe from them.

      Its also a convenient excuse for people like me who say, "well I know that goes farther in real life"... Really it doesnt (at least not by much)


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        When I had skytrak I didn't even pay attention to club head speed. Ball speed is where it is at and it's measured. I connected it to skypro for club head speed measurement once. It wasn't worth knowing to me. Just ball speed. That's where it's at.IMO