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Ipod vs Iphone and Skytrak projection

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  • Ipod vs Iphone and Skytrak projection

    I have a Skytrak, BenQ ht1085st projector and a 4:3 screen ratio. When I use with my Skytrak on my iPhone XR (and set the projector settings to 4:3), I can't get it to fill the screen properly and the font is very hard to read. When I use it with an iPad, I can get the image sized properly and the fonts at the bottom of the screen are much easier to read. Is there a way I can use the iPhone and still project an image like I'm getting when I use the iPad?

    Thank you!​​​​​​

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    As far as I know, no - the projection aspect ratios of the iPhone and iPad are what they are (around 16:9 and 4:3, respectively) and cannot be changed. Would love to find out a trick to changing them, but I went down that rabbit hole once and came up with no rabbits.
    - Ron at